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  • Dual Receiver with Phase and Switched Diversity for Background Processing and Reception Improvement (.pdf)
    force way, but a more elegant approach is possible. by the judicious use of a two-tuner architecture. - 1 -. the Front End consists of impedance matched low noise. connected to the Analog-to-Digital Converter 2 (ADC2). A. amplifiers, an image reject filter, automatic gain control. well-designed buffer
  • Low Cost Switched Diversity System (.pdf)
    diversity remote unit. The remote unit receives. an impedance matched low noise amplifier, an image. a feedback intermediate frequency (IF) signal from the. reject filter, automatic gain control (AGC), down convert. receiver and it possesses an intelligence block to select. mixer and local
  • Match The Ports Of Differential Devices
    impedance to a. required impedance. The use of discrete inductors and capacitors is an easy way to. achieve impedance matching. If area is not a constraint, using transmission lines and. stub tuner elements is a cost-competitive alternate solution. This method provides a. lower loss
  • Theory and Proposed Method for Determining Large Signal Return Loss or "Hot S22" for Power Amplifiers Using Phase Information
    ) signal return loss by measuring the insertion phase. variation of the PA at specific VSWRs using an inexpensive and simple test arrangement. 1. 1. PA Reflection Coefficient: Any RF test configuration can be expressed by a source impedance (ZL), and. characteristic impedance ( z0 ) as shown in Figure 1
  • Power Detection and Control for Handset Power Amplifiers
    is a common emitter gain stage. 4. Saturated Amplifier Bias Techniques. Base-current control. Vbias. Ibias. Amplifier. Ib Base. Ib. OR. Bias. Amplifier. Base. Bias. • Amplifier output power is adjusted by. means of limiting DC base current. • Implemented with voltage control through. moderate impedance
  • Power Detection and Control For Mobile Handset Applications Part 3. Power Control Feedback
    accuracy. With careful design of the impedance characteristics at the coupler interface and attention. to isolation and signal routing, extremely high directivity can be achieved providing. excellent power detection accuracy into non-ideal load conditions. The plot of figure 1. shows typical detection
  • Intro to Satellite Radio
    purposes, or if there is any question as to the validity of the results, we prefer to use a specially designed coaxial test fixture that mounts onto the end of the receptacle and provides a continuous and well matched 50 ohm impedance. This may require that we need to make up additional test pieces

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