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  • Impulse Testing and Turn Insulation Deterioration in Electric Motors
    or HiPot tests diagnose weak turnto- turn insulation? After failing an impulse test, are motor with weak insulation able to operate? Are motors with a turn-turn short capable of continued operation? This was accomplished by putting two low voltage motors through extensive testing rigors, until inducing
  • Impulse Response of the 59579-02 Wide-Angle Sensor
    The following graphs show the response of the viscously damped 59579-02 Wide-Angle Sensor to a sudden impulse. The impulse was generated by rotating the tiltmeter through angles of 19.8 and 4.4 degrees by pulling a gage block out from under the tooling ball at one end of a Model 791 Tiltmeter
  • Impulse Response of 900-Series Biaxial Clinometers Jewell
    The impulse was generated by rotating the clinometer through an angle of 3.4 degrees by pulling a gage block out from under one end of a Model 791 Tiltmeter Calibration Plate. The test was reproduced at three different temperatures using clinometers with undamped (non-viscous liquid) and critically
  • Solid-State ac Power Sources for Transformer Testing
    High-power electronics can now replace motor-generator sets for testing distribution transformers. * Solid-state ac-power sources combine the variable-frequency and voltage-power sources into a single package. * Tests sets are hardened against impulse events like those caused by lightning-strike
  • Using Surge Testing as Predictive Technology
    : The AWA (automatically) applies a number of successive surge pulses to a motor. Each successive impulse is applied at a slightly higher test voltage than the previous pulse. The test voltage starts at zero volts and goes up to a user defined maximum test voltage. The AWA will digitize each surge
  • Wireless and secure
    sensors that fuse UWB communication with UWB radar. Such systems may be deployed in hostile areas to warn tactical forces and forward bases of incoming threats and insurgents. The secure wireless communication method uses the strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). UWB, or "impulse radio
  • Measuring the Vibrational Behavior of a Baseball/Softball Bat
    using rubberands. This provides some stability so the bats won't bounce around during testing, but doesn't prevent the bats from vibrating. I use a special impact hammer to provide the input force - the hammer has a force transducer in the head so as to measure time history of the force impulse when

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