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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1 INCH ASAP Semiconductor RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT Not Provided Not Provided
1SSSCTL PLC Radwell Thomson Industries Not Provided CTL PRICE PER INCH CTL PRICE PER INCH

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  • AK Services Cuts 55-Inch Access in Nuclear Waste Storage Tank
    Us Site Map Home. 1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343). PRODUCTS. APPLICATIONS. SALES. PARTS & SERVICE. TRAINING. RESOURCE LIBRARY. TRADESHOWS. NEWSROOM. SUCCESS STORIES. Case Studies. Testimonials. COMPANY. CONTACT. REQUEST INFORMATION. Print Page. Waterjet Success Stories. Case Studies. Read more success
  • Greater Harris County 9-1-1 / Case Study
    a local representative like Bud Griffin &. GHC 9-1-1 is responsible for providing the 9-1-1. Associates. The most dramatic example of the value. communications network for 46 other municipalities. of local support occurred when 40 inches of rain fell. within the area it serves. These municipalities have
  • Grade 1 (AA)
    Grade 1, Grade AA, or Laboratory Grade products provide a high degree of accuracy and are used in precision gage checking or setting operations in quality control or metrology laboratories.  Grade 1 gage blocks under one inch in length should have length tolerances of +/- 2 microinches (2 mikes
  • RMA MO-1 Classes and Tolerances for Products Molded in Solid Rubber
    RMA MO-1 provides the necessary information to designate a dimensional tolerances, finish tolerances, and flash tolerances for molded rubber parts. The RMA designation is specified as follows: Classes determine the fixed and closure dimensional tolerances for products molded in solid rubber
  • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Standardizes on MTII's Capacitance Systems for In-Process Inspection of Shafts and Spindles
    . They required a production environment sensor that had small. spatial resolution, high frequency response and ultra-high resolution. For proper defect. classification the measurement accuracy had to be less than 4 micro-inches (0.1 microns) with. a resolution of 1 micro-inch (0.025 microns
  • Ultimate Man Cave -Stage 1
    " Actuator Stroke Size 22 " Actuator Stroke Size 24 "Mini Linear Actuators (PA-14) Actuator Force 15 lbs Actuator Force 50 lbs Actuator Force 150 lbs Actuator Stroke Size 1 " Actuator Stroke Size 2 " Actuator Stroke Size 3 " Actuator Stroke Size 4 " Actuator Stroke Size 6
  • Successful Cleaning of a Steel Turbine Shaft at Bersimis 1 (.pdf)
    Commissioned in 1956, the Bersimis 1 hydroelectric power plant has an installed capacity of 936 MW covered by 8 units, each unit being composed of a turbine, an alternator and a transmission shaft. Connected to a ball bearing mechanism, the transmission shaft has an accuracy of adjustment
  • Core Technology White Paper Series, Part 1: Thermal
    and control applications found in. industry. Sierra is the only company in the industry to provide both thermal technologies to our. customers. Microsoft Word - THERMAL Technology White Paper  .                                    Core Technology White Paper Series: Thermal  .  .  . Part 1: Thermal
  • Measuring Machining Imperfections and Runout in Automobile Wheel Spindles
    for easy loading and unloading of parts. Additionally, the measurement accuracy had to be less than 4 micro-inches (0.1 microns) with a resolution of 1 micro-inch (0.025 microns), or better, in order to properly quantify the defects. System noise had to be kept to a minimum in order to prevent
  • Levels of Precision (.pdf)
    range. tice, most shops will find they need. Level 1: Basic shop tools. Versatile,. of parts having tolerances in the order. some of both types of devices. low precision and low cost. of ±0.001 inch. The caliper is a versatile and use-. Gages, in contrast, are indirect-. Ten-To-one vs. Msa. ful tool