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  • Medical Device Link .
    Systems AG (Biel-Bienne, Switzerland), the ball bearing structure differs from radial ball bearings in that the raceway consists of four inclined planes. For biocompatibility, the rings and ball separator are made from a titanium alloy and the ceramic balls from a zirconium oxide called myrox
  • Wedge drives precision elevator
    and requires more vertical headroom. The inclined-plane design offers a lower profile and easy access to the load. Centering the load over the bearings eliminates deflections from a cantilevered load. A new elevator stage, the PZA 25 from uses a precision-machined wedge and recirculating bearings to position
  • Effect of Cross-Axis Inclination on the Scale Factor of 756-Series
    Tilt sensors are calibrated by tilting them in a vertical plane and measuring their outputs at known angles. If a sensor is subsequently inclined by the cross-axis angle ß (Figure 1) and again rotated in a vertical plane, its output at the same known angles will be different than in the initial
  • 3D Visualization for Industrial Quality Inspection
    Vertical resolution in the balance between. numerical aperture and depth of field. Surface. analyses, fracture analyses, analyses of inclined or vertical surfaces or onsite inspections of large parts such as turbine. rotors are just a few examples in which the strengths of digital microscopes make
  • High-Speed EBSD (.pdf)
    An electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) pattern is formed when a focused electron beam is positioned on a grain within a highly inclined (typically 70 degrees) sample in a scanning electron microscope. As the incident electron beam interacts with the crystal lattice within a small volume
  • Dicronite Dry Lubrication Background
    - titanium and stainless electron microscope components. • Actuators and valves. F U N C T I O N A L P R O P E R T I E S. • Coefficient of Friction - µ=0.030 inclined plane method,. Comparative Oxidation Rates. against itself. 10,000. • Temperature Range: Lubricates from -188°C to +538°C. (-350°F to +1000
  • Bucket Conveyors
    are not self-feeding. To avoid overfilling the buckets and damaging the machinery, bucket elevators should be fed at a controlled rate. Typically, bucket elevators are placed where the chain or belt path is vertical or steeply-inclined in a single plane. Special, chain-supported bucket systems that can travel
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    hardest subject. I didn't like all those experiments. You know, Hooke's law, and objects sliding down an inclined plane - it's so darned boring! But it was a challenge, so I wanted to defeat it.". Eventually he became interested in quantum mechanics, obtaining a PhD at UC Berkeley and studying

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