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  • Platform-Independent Software Enables True Interoperability in Zigbee Networks
    The need for a new wireless network technology designed to meet the unique requirements of sensors and control devices led to the development of ZigBee. Standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi were unsuitable for low-power applications because they deal with complex and power-hungry radio frequency
  • Bruno Independent Liiving Aids Improves Work Processes With FFD'S LockStep & Sequence Software
    Board. Social. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Youtube. Contact. BRUNO LIVING AIDS IMPROVES WORK PROCESSES WITH FFD’S LOCKSTEP & SEQUENCE SOFTWARE. Wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs help people with limited mobility lead independent lives. Equally important are the mechanisms that move or transport
  • Global Sourcing Drives the Need for Independent Testing
    Adhesive Testing Equipment. Adhesive Product Development. Check out Chemsultants product development services. Global Sourcing Drives the Need for Independent Testing. Does this sound familiar? A marketing leader in your organization identifies a product line extension that will broaden the breadth
  • Nesting software integration leads to improved performance
    the systems. Gone are the days when lengthy consulting projects were required to get the independent software products to communicate with one another. With some data mapping information in hand, fabricators now can perform the integration work via a brief online meeting session. This not only simplifies
  • Software Overview
    platforms as it is. and disadvantages, which go beyond the scope of this. truly independent of computer architectures and can. technical note. easily adapt to the latest technology such as USB 2.0. and ethernet. Companies that have made significant. investment in software development on systems using. IVI
    to provide custom behavior outside of the. design of the vendor. This paper presents an overview of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), OLE (Object. Linking and Embedding) Automation, and Extensible Markup Language (XML). Object-Oriented. Programming and XML are platform independent technologies
  • Demonstrating Software Reliability (.pdf)
    -. ability of a system for deployment in core tele-. cally independent of each other. com applications. The attributes are: Availability – Generally defined as “5 nines” (i.e. 2.1 Series Components. providing service 99.999% of the time) calculated. In this scheme, all of the components must operate
  • Implementing a Processor-independent, Battery-Powered Wireless Mesh Network
    In many cases, it is required to add wireless capability to existing embedded systems. Often, in order to minimize costs, it is necessary to run the wireless software stack (and associated applications) on the same processor that drives the main system. This can cause problems with conventional