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  • Pump Controllers-Image
    Pump Controllers - (262 companies)
    Pump Controllers Information. Pump controllers monitor flow and/or level variables, and control a pump accordingly to maintain the desired levels. Pump control can include simply turning a pump on and off, or more advanced controls for pump speed...
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  • Pump Drives-Image
    Pump Drives - (11 companies)
    Pump drives take an input rotational power source and route it to hydraulic pumps via gears or other means. The pumps are mounted on the drive housing. Pump drives take power from an input rotational source and send it to a hydraulic pump. Gears...
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  • Pump Repair Services-Image
    Pump Repair Services - (364 companies)
    Pump Repair Services Information. Pump repair services repair and rebuild used pumps. They differ in terms of capabilities, but generally repair pumps to their original specifications. Services offered include bench repairs, field repairs...
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    Bellhousings (pump to motor) - (21 companies)
    Pump motor bellhousings are mounting devices used to connect dissimilar motor and pump bolt configurations. They are made of metals such as aluminum and machined to achieve proper alignment. Heavy-duty models are made of welded steel. Bellhousings...
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    Vacuum Greases and Vacuum Pump Oils - (81 companies)
    Vacuum Greases and Vacuum Pump Oils Information. Vacuum greases and vacuum pump oils are suitable for vacuum sealing, diffusion pumps and other vacuum fluid applications. Typically, vacuum greases and vacuum pump oils are used with vacuum pumps...
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    Charge Pump Regulators - (30 companies)
    Charge pump regulators are circuits that generate higher voltages from low voltage inputs by using capacitors as storage elements. They are used in notebook computers and mobile phones. Charge pump regulators are circuits that generate higher...
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    Fluid Transfer Pump Systems - (287 companies)
    Fluid transfer pump systems are used in processing, water purification and desalination, or liquid handling applications. Some products are used in heat transfer applications or fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Others are designed...
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    Progressing Cavity Pumps - (202 companies)
    Progressing cavity pumps are a type of rotary positive displacement pump designed to transfer fluid or media with suspended solids or slurries from the suction side of the pump to the discharge side of the pump, from storage tanks or through...
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    Pumpjacks - (24 companies)
    Pumpjacks are over-ground mechanical drives that convert the rotary motion of a motor to a reciprocating piston of a pump shaft in an oil well. They consist of a number of mechanical parts which are described in the image below. Image credit: MIT...
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    Triplex Pumps - (72 companies)
    Triplex pumps are positive displacement, reciprocating pumps that are configured with three plungers. Triplex pumps are the most commonly used pump configuration for drilling and well service operations. Triplex Pumps Information. Triplex pumps...
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    … Matsushita Electric Works, they established Panasonic Electric Works Gobel Manufacturing Indonesia (PEWGMI) which produce lighting fixture, components, wiring devices; Panasonic Electric Works Gobel Sales Indonesia (sole agent and distributors of PEWGMI); Panasonic Electronic Device Batam, Panasonic Semiconductor Indonesia (semicon- ductors, microchips) and … … such as audio, fan, television, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric iron, water pump and pants press.
  • CR4 - Thread: Generator
    Frequently in Indonesia , the distributor will not give out any information or spare parts because they can see the $ in the [their] customers eyes. Especially that one and the big pump guy.
  • Honda to Recall Almost 16,000 Cars in Indonesia
    The local sales agent for Honda cars in Indonesia , Honda Motor Prospect, has announced a recall that … According to the distributor , the recall will involve the replacement of a fuel pump relay in Accord and Jazz models, while a number of Odyssey multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) will have bolts in the power steering system examined and additional stiffeners installed.
  • bitumen suppliers, suppliers bitumen, supply bitumen, bitume from Iran Bitumen - Isfahan Bitumen Production Co., Iran
    … driveways, bitumen shingles, bitumen tanker, bitumen tape, bitumen felt, bitumen dach, bitumen plant, bitumen viscosity, bitumen dickbeschichtung, bitumen tank, bitumen sheet, bitumen corrugated sheet, bitumen emulsion plant, bitumen pump , bitumen upgrading, bitumen roofing … … equipment, dachabdichtung bitumen, bitumen distributor , bitumen macadam, bitumen impregnated … … Bitumen, Uganda Bitumen, Zambia Bitumen, Zanzibar Bitumen, Zimbabwe Bitumen, Pakestan Bitumen, Afghanistan Bitumen, Indonesia Bitumen, Malaysia Bitumen …
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  • Shandong Xinya
    The company exports its products to 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and south-east Asia, through its distributors and agencies in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, UnitedArab Emirates, USA, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. … Shandong Xinya targets the green, environment-protective and energy-saving multi-cylinder fuel pumps as its long …
  • Sell HPI 1/5 Baja 5B Buggy RTR
    FRUYAN TOYS SHOP has grown to be South East Asia???s most established hobby shop and distributor of quality RC products with distribution and retail outlets in Indonesia … Multiplex, MVVS,, NGK, Norvel, NTC, Oracover, Pacer Zap, PBG Composites, Perry Pump , PowerBox, Prather, RCMK …
  • U.S. Department of Energy photovoltaic energy program overview, fiscal year 1999
    … with- out electricity need only small amounts of power for indoor lighting, water pumping , communica- tions, or … … S. hardware to remove local institutional barriers to PV installations, to train local distributors , and to develop … The PV Program’s support for demonstration projects in Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia , Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria …
  • Renewable Energies in Germany’s Electricity Market
    Module manufacturers and above all photovoltaic distributors provided developing countries with both power generating facilities and their … In addition to systems enabling the electrifica- tion of homes, solar-powered water pumps were also a … The mid 1980s saw the installation of photovoltaic systems in the Philippines, Jordan, Indonesia , Senegal and Peru …
  • Village Power '98
    • “ Pump priming” and market opening initiatives still needed • Focus on transparent subsidies (where needed … • Where: Mexico, Central America, Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, Indonesia , Philippines, South Africa . … major solar loan packages for Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and provided training of in-country PV distributors .