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  • Reducing Inductance in Power Distribution Systems
    ) require that special magnet wire called "LITZ" be used to reduce inductance. These bundles can be large and difficult to assemble due to the varnishing of individual strands.
  • Medical Device Link .
    at audio frequencies, and it is significant at 1 MHz. At that point, designers should avoid using wires or pigtails for grounds. A good rule of thumb is that the inductance of a wire is about 20 nH per inch of length. A 1-in. wire or trace has an impedance of 2 fL, or 12 O at 100 MHz hardly
  • Technicalities
    to oppose any change in the current flowing through it. The inductance for a given. inductor is influenced by the core material, core shape and size, the turns count and the shape of the coil. Inductors most often. have their inductances expressed in microhenries (μH). The following table can be used
  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    -inductor-capacitor (RLC) circuit should have. Secondly, the resonating capacitor rated voltage is chosen. The coil inductance and resonating capacitor value can then be calculated. For a given coil inductance and coil resistance, choos-ing the coil average diameter and coil winding aspect ratio
  • 30 V, 2 A High Efficiency CVCC LED Driver
    Inductance: 6 mH minimum. Leakage Inductance: 90−110 mH nominal (resonant half-bridge, leakage inductance is Lr). Bobbin Type: PQ20/20 14 pin PC mount bobbin. Windings (in order): Winding #/Type. Turns/Material/Gauge/Insulation Data. Primary Winding (2−5). 96 turns of #28 HN magnet wire over 3 layers
  • Littelfuse "ML" Multilayer Surface Mount Surge Suppressors (.pdf)
    by a device must be below the failure threshold of the device. The magnitude of any voltage transient is determined by the nature of the source, the characteristic impedance of the circuit and the resistance and inductance between the source of the transient and the device. an9108 Littelfuse “ML
  • Electrical Noise in Motion Control Circuits
    of a wire or device is a combination of the. resistance, capacitance, and inductance properties. In theory, wire connections. in a circuit are assumed to have zero impedance, but in practice, this is not the. case. The voltage level of a ground wire varies at different locations on the wire
  • Matching Small Loop Antennas to rfPIC(TM) Devices
    inductance, which is a. to that of mutual inductance between a straight. function of the degree of magnetic coupling between. wire (or PCB track), and the small loop, as. the two loops. drawn in Figure 5. By using Equation 8, the real part (resistive portion) of. the load impedance as seen from the primary

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