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  • Innovative Induction Heating Technologies (.pdf)
    at the surface and in a subsurface region1. Compressive stresses help inhibit crack. 4. development and resist tensile bending fatigue. Depending upon the required hardness pattern and. tooth geometry, gears are induction hardened by encircling the part with a coil (so-called “spin. hardening
  • EFD Induction develops new door straightening solution for Libra-Plast
    weld-induced distortions in metal doors is mechanical ‘cold bending’. The method is however costly and time consuming. Cold bending requires a highly skilled operator, and the results achieved are not always permanent. The process is also potentially damaging to the doors’ structural integrity
  • Induction Heating Helps Put Wind Turbines in High Gear (.pdf)
    and in a subsurface re-. shape distortion, providing. that by 2030 wind energy could gen-. gion[2-4]. Compressive stresses help in-. erate 20% of the nation’s electricity. hibit crack development and resist ten-. high quality parts that. Since most wind turbines are con-. sile bending fatigue. directly affect
  • Annealing the end of steel wire on a woven wire mesh [IH]
    . specifically for this application. Process A two turn oval coil is used to heat the woven wire. The woven. wire is placed in the coil and heated for 15 seconds to soften a. 60” (1.52m) length of the wire 3” (76.2mm) deep. The woven. wire is then placed in a press brake for the bending process. Results/Benefits
  • Making HF Welded Tube for Demanding Applications (.pdf)
    . also improved. Care should also be taken to ensure the tooling does. not mark the tube, and that the mill coolant is clean enough to. When producing a hydroformed part, pre-bending and/or pre-. prevent contamination of the tube surface. forming may be essential before the start of the actual
  • Shoe calendering
    in trial planning, evaluation and presentation, a process optimization software package was used. Basically, all these trials have proven that with a NipcoFlex calender the correlation of surface properties to bulk or bending stiffness can be improved. Out of this huge collection of data
  • Application Note: Comparative Motor Technologies
    to processes requiring a lot of force. Pressing, bending, molding and lifting or pushing heavy objects are typical applications. Principal Strengths: 1. Easy to apply for simple applications. 2. Very high forces or torques can be generated in small spaces. 3. limiting force output by limiting oil pressure
  • Medical Device Link . Shape-Memory Alloys Offer Untapped Potential Engineers teach versatile materials how to work in the body.
    ," says Mac Schetky, PhD, chief scientist at Memry Corp. (Brookfield, CT), which supplies SMAs and fabricates medical devices from nickel-titanium. "A guidewire is needed and the best ones are resistant to kinking and permanent bending due to superelasticity." NiTi guidewires can be drawn down
  • Signal Interference and Cable Shielding
    Multi-Pair Color Codes. Metric. Temperature Conversions. Cross Reference AWG to MM2. Unit Conversion Factors. Decimal. Suggested Ampacities. Current Carrying Capacity of Copper Conductors. Thermocouple Wire Weights & Resistances. How to Determine Bending Radius. Signal Interference and Cable Shielding

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