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  • Induction Heating in the Rodding Shop

    induction heating helped improve operations at Europe's largest aluminum plant. Induction heaters for heating the stubs on anode rods - EFD Induction. About EFD Induction • Sitemap • Print page • Choose language: English French Swedish German Chinese Spanish Italian Japanese Finnish Polish Russian

  • Innovative Induction Heating Technologies (.pdf)

    for non-rotational hardening and tempering of crankshafts (V-4, V-6 and V-8) and camshafts with non-convention journals and lobes. Specifics of induction hardening of hand tools (i.e., wrench jaws, hammers), fasteners, etc. Induction heating of large-diameter (8 to 12 in. and larger) billets made from carbon

  • Change from Gas or Arch Heating to Induction Heating

    One small but important step to help the environment is the change from gas or arc heating to induction heating. We all want to help the environment. But it can be tough deciding where to start. One small but important step is the change from gas or arc heating to induction heating. It's good

  • Induction Heating Equipment Designed for Straightening Decks

    The transistorised induction heating revolution was born to address the needs of one specific application: deckstraightening in the shipyards of Norway. It's an exciting story - one that underscores EFD Induction's background as an applications-driven pioneer. Induction heating equipment designed

  • Induction Heating of Towel Rails

    Says EFD Induction UK Sales Executive Paul Evans: "Our challenge was to provide Vogue with an alternative to gas and hand torches for brazing applications. Our solution was the EFD Induction MINAC 12/18 mobile converter.". Induction heating of towel rails - EFD Induction. About EFD Induction

  • Induction Heating for the Aerospace Industry

    Specialized applications. Stringent quality levels. Tight leadtimes. The global aerospace industry sets tough demands on its parts and equipment suppliers. But they are the kind of demands that induction technology is uniquely qualified to satisfy. Induction heating for the aerospace industry - EFD

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  • Portable 12v Pie Warmer

    Hello the group. I've been having a bit of a fossick around and seen many interesting things, but nothing quite in the area I want to explore. I'm a tinkerer from way back, and have learned that sometimes I really DO need to ask for advice and guidance. This is one of those times and I hope you can...

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  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger Performance is a powerful, user friendly, program for the analysis of two types of Heat Exchangers: Shell & Multi-Tube Exchangers, and Double Pipe Exchangers. In either case, the tubes are of the bare-tube type. The program will analyze the performance of a known heat exchanger: Given the flows and inlet temperatures of the Tube-side fluid and the Shell-side fluid, the program will predict the exit temperatures of both fluids and the total heat exchanged.

  • The Next Energy Innovators

    BusinessWeek and GreenBiz.com have assembled a list of 25 intriguing energy startups, including young companies that tap geothermal heat, turn waste into biodiesel, and more

  • PHEdesign1.0

    PHEdesign1.0 program for simulations of the plate heat exchanger. By setting our controlled variables and material properties, the optimum plate dimensions and materials can be selected by the computer program. These are included rate of heat transfer, the size of plate heat exchanger, and chevron angle (beta) between 25 to 65 degrees under single pass condition. Also this program is capable of calculating the pressure drop in plate, from which the energy and material can be saved by decreasing the pressure drop (decreasing horsepower per unit area) and increasing chevron angle.

  • Space Heating Load

    This program calculates the maximum heating load required in a space (single zone) so that a furnace can be sized.? Heat transfer coefficients are built in for many types of wall, floors, doors, windows, etc.? Custom values can also be used. The heat needed for infiltration & humidity control are also calculated. Final furnace sizes are tabulated with several values of efficiency.

  • Round and Flat Profile Heat Pipes Cool Hot Components

    Flat Heat Pipes for Electronics Cooling from Advanced Thermal Solutions The new ATS heat pipes transfer component heat to heat sinks with minimal temperature difference. They also distribute heat efficiently across the length of heat spreaders. Liquid in the heat pipe turns to vapor by absorbing heat and removing thermal energy from hot component surfaces. The vapor travels to the cold end of the pipe where it releases latent heat and condenses back to liquid. The liquid returns to the hot interface along an internal copper wick to provide continuous thermal management. The cold end of the copper heat pipe attaches easily to most heat sinks, providing effective cooling when a heat sink can’t be applied directly on a heat source. All heat pipes are easily hand or machine-shaped to meet application needs. They can be friction fit, clamped, soldered, or adhesively attached. Each model in the new heat pipe series has been characterized by ATS for both thermal resistance and maximum heat transport capability. The transport property is determined as a function of the working temperature and the pipe’s angle of inclination. Every heat pipe consists of a sealed copper tube, internal copper wick structure, and distilled water as its working fluid. Round profile heat pipes come in lengths from 200-300 mm and diameters from 4.0-8.0 mm. Flat profile heat pipes range in length from 100-250 mm, widths from 8.2-10.5 mm, and heights from 2.5-4.5 mm. Weights range from 8-33 grams. They are effective in temperatures ranging from 30-120°C. Other fluids and sizes can be accommodated with custom heat pipe designs by ATS. The heat pipes are available separately from ATS or in thermal solutions integrating the company’s widely-used Push Pin and maxiFLOW heat sinks The new heat pipes have no moving parts and require no maintenance. They can be ordered online at Qats.com or by calling Advanced Thermal Solutions: 781-769-2800.

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Induction Heating Solutions for Aerospace

Ambrell - a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is a key provider to aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Induction ’s fast, repeatable, controllable, non-contact heating which requires a minimal footprint makes it an ideal solution for the industry. Ambrell will be exhibiting and demonstrating its induction heating solutions for aerospace at MFG4 in Hartford, CT from May 6-8 in booth 1208. Induction heating is used for hot heading, brazing, soldering, preheating...

Hot Heading Fasteners with Induction Heating

Summary:  Having had past success with Ambrell, the client is buying more EKOHEAT induction heating systems to satisfy additional demand. Story: Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold four EKOHEAT 45 kW/100 kHz induction heating systems to a fastener manufacturer. The client will use the EKOHEATs  to preheat  blanks prior to forging to create fasteners. It is part of an automated system that includes temperature monitoring and data logging...

Induction Heating EASYHEAT for Shell Annealing

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold eleven EASYHEAT induction heating systems to an ammunition manufacturer. The client will use the EASYHEAT systems for its shell annealing applications. Induction is commonly used to anneal shells. In the past, many companies used inefficient gas-flame and conveyor-oven processes. However, ovens require large amounts of floor space, are inefficient and the batch heating process necessitates inventory costs. Meanwhile, torches...