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  • Mathematics of Electronic Motor Control
    control of multi-phase motors. The AC induction motor is the workhorse of most household goods because it is easy to control and is very low-cost. In its simplest configuration it plugs directly into the wall with a minimum of electronics in the motor. But to increase motor efficiency and improve
  • Why Motors Fail Part 1.
    ensures maximum copper volume for reducing resistance losses and also allows for proper heat conduction to the motor housing. A high slot fill also prevents damaging vibrations between turns and stator stack. More efficient motors run cooler. A high-quality designed motor is one with high efficiencies
  • Improving Motor Reliability Through Static and Dynamic Testing (.pdf)
    Influence Check (RIC). A RIC test. performed on AC induction motors illustrates the magnetic coupling between the rotor and stator. This relationship. indicates the condition of the rotor and air gap within the motor. The RIC is performed by rotating the rotor in specific increments (determined
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Introduction of Small Motor Characteristics
    at high speeds, low vibration. High resolution: 0.044 deg./step. High accuracy: +-0.022 deg. (no load). Semi-closed loop control. Abnormal load condition can be detected. Motors for power. Induction motor. 惻Overrun: 30~40 revolutions. Reversible motor. Overrun: 5~6 revolutions. Rating: 30 minutes
  • Motor Design, Quality and Performance are Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers (.pdf)
    . more linear than that of most AC induction motors. Speed control. electronics can be built in to the DC motor assuring high quality. or impeller to save space, improve efficiency and minimize the. performance of the motor and the air mover. vibration that commonly occurs when the impeller
  • Motor J-Box Thermography Route
    compressors and fans. We recently included the motor junction box as an additional component in our surveys. All of these surveys, however, overlooked the motor lead connections. The majority of the motors are in an outside environment, subject to vibration, temperature changes and humidity. We
  • Application Note: Comparative Motor Technologies
    Induction Motors. The most commonly used motor in industrial applications today is the simple AC induction type motor. The motion control application that requires gross on/off motion or coarse speed control can take advantage of these basic actuators. The AC motor described here is the AC induction
  • DD Motor Trends and the Impact on Gearmotors (.pdf)
    and recycling are becoming very important, as well as. Th e output torque characteristics of PM motors are af-. low noise and vibration. As a result, direct drive (sometimes fected by magnet saturation in their cores, which depend on. called DD) motor systems become attractive for home electric the size

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