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  • Industrial Joysticks-Image
    Industrial Joysticks - (172 companies)
    Industrial joysticks use potentiometric, inductive or photoelectric sensing systems and/or switches to translate joystick motion into an output signal. They are usually made from plastic, nylon, nylon plastic, glass-filled nylon, or stainless steel... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Inductive Couplings-Image
    Inductive Couplings - (17 companies)
    Inductive couplings are used in the non-contact transmission of electrical power or electronic signals through stationary, rotating, or moving equipment via an inductive connection. Inductive couplings are used in the noncontact transmission... Learn More
  • Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches-Image
    Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches - (87 companies)
    Inductive linear position sensors and switches are noncontact devices that determine an object's coordinates (linear or angular) with respect to a reference. How to Select Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches. Image Credits: Baumer Ltd... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors-Image
    Inductive Proximity Sensors - (305 companies)
    Inductive proximity sensors detect the presence or absence of an object using a critical distance. How to Select Inductive Proximity Sensors. Image Credit: Grainger Industrial Supply | Carlo Gavazzi | TURCK Inc. Inductive proximity sensors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Keyboards-Image
    Industrial Keyboards - (538 companies)
    ...for entering data into a computer, a communications system or the user interface of an instrument. Usually the keyboard communicates with the computer via a serial line. Industrial keyboards are typically connected directly to the processor, allowing... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Touch Screen Sensors - (88 companies)
    ...surface surrounded by a sensor array that provides positional information to a processor. A touch screen sensor enables the display to be used as input device and replaces the keyboard or mouse as the primary method of input for interacting... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrical Coil Winding Machines - (54 companies)
    ...and various axis travel measurements. In terms of features, electrical coil winding machines may include locking guards, optional cutters, an RS-232 or other communications interface, a computer monitor and keyboard, and integral storage capacity. Learn More
  • Equalizers - (14 companies)
    Equalizers are electronic devices used to balance frequency components of electronic signals. Learn More
  • Fuses - (1013 companies) circuits with small inrush currents or where overcurrent or short circuit must be quickly interrupted, such as resistive loads. Time lag - Time-delay fuses are used where high starting inrush currents will occur and decay gradually, such as inductive... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Telephones and Cellular Phones - (607 companies)
    Telephones and cellular phones convert voice or other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to another device that receives and reconverts the waves back into sound. Learn More
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