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  • Proper Stack-Up in a Multilayer PCB to Reduce Noise Coupling and Improve EMI
    equivalent. CST of America, Framingham, MA. lumped inductors2 or inductive networks, can. Jianmin Zhang. give erroneous results for computing power. CISCO Systems, San Jose, CA. Reprinted with permission of MICROWAVE JOURNAL® from the February 2012 issue. ©2012 Horizon House Publications, Inc. Technical
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    a power factor of 1.0. Circuits containing inductive or capacitive elements have a power factor below 1.0. For two circuits utilizing the same amount of real power, the system with the lower power factor will have higher circulating currents due to energy that returns to the source from energy storage
  • Active Implantable Medical Devices: Winning the Power Struggle
    , also called inductive coupling charging, is a good illustration of this. The implant is placed under the skull skin, and it is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged one hour per month by means of RF power transmission. Osaci says that the estimated lifetime for this type of battery
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    frequencies. Capacitors will resonate at a surprisingly low frequency, becoming inductive above resonance. As a result of interwinding capacitance, inductors have shunt capacitance, which reduces their high-frequency effectiveness. In addition, open-flux-path inductors have a magnetic field extending well
  • Evaluation of Power Devices for Automotive Hybrid and 42V Based Systems (.pdf)
    . than 200 V dc. For the systems between 100 V and 200. Additional voltage requirements may be dictated by local. inductive overshoot transients. Careful power stage. Current Requirements. layout and circuit design can minimize these stresses. In general, MOSFETs appear to be the power device
  • High Power IR LED Driver Using the PIC16C781/782
    been discharged the system is idle until the. start of the next pulse. A side benefit of using an inductive energy transfer. from the battery to the LEDs is that variations in the bat-. tery voltage have little effect on the energy transferred,. because the charge cycle is held until the inductor cur
  • Electrical Noise in Motion Control Circuits
    Electrical noise appears in an electrical circuit through one of four routes: a. Impedance (Ground Loop) Coupling b. Capacitive (Electrostatic) Coupling c. Inductive (Magnetic) Coupling d. Electromagnetic (Radio Frequency) Coupling. Microsoft Word - appnote_noise.doc. Application Note # 5438
  • Medical Device Link .
    regularly timed basis with a suitably equipped remote location, such as a nurses ' station. MICS is set to completely replace magnetic-inductive coupling techniques, thereby providing faster data transfer and longer range in pacemaker and defibrillator applications. Magnetic-inductive coupling supports

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