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  • Miniaturization - The Inductive Proximity Switch Trend
    expensive and even possibly less effective. This automatically results in the requirement for smaller and smaller detectors. This particularly concerns the proximity detectors used in large quantities, which we will deal with in the following text.
  • New Inductive Proximity Switch with Analog Output
    Why inductive? Inductive proximity switches are highly popular with end-users, since they are ? robust ? cost effective ? insensitive to dirt ? standardized and therefore simple to use. Why analog? Classical (switching) inductive proximity switches in fact work internally as analog devices
  • Inductive Proximity Switches as Encoders
    Today, encoders are mature products, and are available in a variety of designs. However, compared to inductive proximity switches, they are significantly more expensive. In addition, they have rotating axes, and consequently require a certain care during assembly. Finally, encoders are often far
  • The Application of Inductive Proximity Switches with Analog Output
    In general, the same application rules as for the well-known inductive switching devices apply. However, there are, in addition, a number of extra features, which are discussed in the application report "New Inductive Proximity Switch with Analog Output". The following application examples have all
  • Pressure-Resistant Switches for Highly Dynamic Requirements
    Pressure-resistant inductive proximity switches are used for a multitude of applications, especially in the field of hydraulics, as well as for various pressures (up to 500 bar). Pressure-resistance requires thick housing walls, particularly also at the sensing face. The main problem lays