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    capacitance, core resistance and circuit impedances. Leakage Inductance (Le). Leakage Inductance (Le) is a function of the transformer winding geometry, which affects rise and fall times. This parameter is measured at 130 kHz on an L-C Meter used to measure used to measure Le of standard
  • Understanding Ring Generators
    and loading). The power meter. rate test equipment in order to measure its efficiency. Two. must operate down to 10Hz and have an accuracy of 1% or. power meters must be used: one on the input for input power. better. he input power to the Ring Generator is not only the. measurement and one
  • Medical Device Link .
    and diminutive size require that component tolerances be tighter than those of many other products. A key factor in the safety of these devices is impedance, the opposition to ac current flow offered by a device or circuit. A complex value made up of resistance, inductance, and capacitance, impedance can help
  • Matching Small Loop Antennas to rfPIC(TM) Devices
    in Equation 1. where A is the area of the loop in square meter and λ is. EQUATION 1: the wavelength in meters at the radiation frequency. It. should be clear from Equation 4 that the radiation resis-. 2. Pradiated = I ⋅ Rrad. tance of small loops will be in the milliohm range. The. wavelength λ can
  • Lead Length Effects on SPD/TVSS (.pdf)
    across an inductor is defined as V = -L di/dt. Inductance, L, of wire is less than. 1µH/meter (not much). However, di (change of current) is very high; IEEE suggests 10,000A and. dt (change of time) is very small; IEEE suggests 8 microseconds. V = -L di/dt = - 1µH/m x (10,000A / 0.000008s) = -1250V
  • Low Phase Noise VCO Design for PCS Handset Applications
    and lower oscillation loss buildup. common emitter amplifier with parallel feedback. We have sepa-. at parallel resonance, in comparison to microstrip or discrete. rated the transistor junction and package capacitors, C. inductor-based resonators. EB, CCB. and CCE, from the transistor parasitic
  • DC-DC Converter Overview
    control block converts the DC input. into a variable duty cycle switched drive signal. If high output is commanded, the switch is held on most. of the period. When the switch is on, losses are simply a factor of the on resistance of the switch plus the. inductor resistance. As less output is commanded
  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)
    is that the RF generator portion of a current. fed inverter is considerably more compact than that of a voltage fed inverter. • The current fed inverter has a low impedance output consisting of a parallel tank circuit (e.g. the output capacitance and work coil inductor are in parallel) where as the output

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