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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TC7660H Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The TC7660H is a pin-compatible,high frequency up-grade to the Industry standard TC7660 charge pump voltage converter.It converts a +1.5V to +10V input to a corresponding – 1.5V to – 10V output using only two low--cost capacitors,eliminating inductors and their associated cost,size...

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    DEFINITIONS AND MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR TRANSFORMERS AND INDUCTORS. Microsoft Word - Glossary of Terminology.doc. DEFINITIONS AND MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR TRANSFORMERS AND INDUCTORS. Open Circuit Inductance (OCL). The Open Circuit Inductance of a transformer is determined by the core
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    Until now, most inductors used for Power Factor Correction have been custom designed for their application, resulting in higher costs and longer lead times. Custom and Standard Magnetic Components and Custom Transformer Design - Precision, Inc. | Precision, Inc. 800-749-3677 Login Submit RFQ
  • Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors
    . Will the inductor you chose work?. Microsoft Word - Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors#1.doc. Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors. By Jamie Hopper. Senior Applications Engineer. Datatronic Distribution, Inc. How many datasheets have we, as engineers, reviewed and all
  • Technicalities
    FREQUENCY. INDUCTOR/VALUE MEASURED. 1 KHz. Power Inductors (wide Value Range). 0.079MHz. RF Inductors (above 10,000μH to 100,000μH) ( 10,000μH到10,000μH). 0.250MHz. RF Inductors (above 1,000μH to 10,000μH) (1,000μH到10,000μH). 0.790MHz. RF Inductors (above 100μH to 1,000μH) (100μH到1,000μH). 2.5MHz. RF
  • Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design - MCP1612
    of 0.01 µA help to extend battery life. Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design - MCP1612 AN968. Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design - MCP1612. Solving the standard inductor equation for inductor. Author: Cliff Ellison. ripple current (∆IL) yields: Microchip Technology Inc. V. ∆. L. I.
  • Medical Device Link .
    determine whether a device or circuit will function to specifications. Unfortunately, its role in device reliability is often overlooked; in fact, industry standards do not even specify necessary impedance values. Yet impedance should not be ignored as a safety factor. With their special safety
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    Technology Inc. DS01138A-page 1. AN1138. The inductor value, L, can be calculated using. SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION. Equation 1 and Equation 2. The inductor value should. be at least 128 μH to achieve the desired current. The CCS PICC™ C compiler was used to develop the. maximum current ripple. A standard
  • Magnetic Component Alternate Sourcing Strategies
    Due to the complexities of circuit design and the highly customizable nature of magnetic components, such as transformers and inductors, they are often overlooked by OEMs when it comes to alternate or second source strategies. Magnetic components can be difficult to specify in the first place

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