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  • Cart Lifter - Perkins Manufacturing Company
    The Industrial Cart Lifter is capable of lifting and dumping loads of up to 1000 lb.
  • Conservation Biology in Your Own Front Yard
    The industrial lawn mentality calls us to mechanically remove leaves quickly: leaf blowers are employed and leaves are efficiently carted away to the dump .
    … 3510 Breakdown lorry 3510 Bus 3510 Cars 3530 Chassis fitted with engine 3510 Chassis with engine for commercial vehicle 3510 Coach 3510 Coach engine 3510 Crane lorry 3254 Dump truck 3254 Dumpers for … … Fire tender 3510 Golf carts 3510 Heavy goods vehicle Indexes to the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities 2003 Alphabetical and Numerical Index .
  • Theme Cities: Solutions for Urban Problems
    This example provides a variation on most industrial clusters where local industries have grown up to produce … Figure 5.5 shows that some of the waste outputs from the three main plants are not just dumped or carted away as in typical linear solutions.
    During this same era, the cities of Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and Baltimore carted much of their refuse to open dumps . As public concern continued to grow, "the first recorded indictment 'for industrial waste discharge nuisance' made in …
  • Enlightenment and the GM floodplain
    At the height of industrial activity, tributaries of the Mersey were used to dispose of everything – … Material was dumped via overhanging chutes, carted to the river directly or along tramways, or even in the case of tipping in the Irwell, taken there by canal barge.
  • Materials Handling Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    … 425 fabricating shops, 425 foundries, 425 machine shops, 425 railroad workshops, 425 intermittent industrial cranes, 424-425 … … systems, 249 Driving range, 248 Drum pitch diameter, ratio of, to rope diameter, 489-490 Drum reclaimer, 1240 Drums, 863 Dumbwaiters: automated dumbwaiters with transfer devices, 738-739 cart designs, 761 cart transfer … … rollover dumper, 1289 side- dump car, 1288 tilt table …
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  • The waste sector and informal entrepreneurship in developing world cities
    Many recyclable industrial wastes are never mixed with the waste system; instead they are carted off directly by informal entrepreneurs. … on the pavements, from central storage containers, off collection vehicles, and at transfer stations and rubbish dumps .
  • Experimental Study on Temperature Effect on Engineering Properties of Clayey Soils
    Add to Cart Ground Characterization of Abandoned Open Pits Liable to Illegal Industrial Waste Dumping : A Case Study of Thailand’s Chachoengsao Province .
  • The failure of environmental regulation in New York
    … up a legitimate load of C&D material from a building contractor, for which he was paid a fair fee, adulterate it with a generous admixture of toxic, hazardous, industrial or medical waste which … … dispose of, and finally cart it upstate to a … This pattern of operating became widespread, resulting in an epidemic of illegal dumping at C&D sites throughout …
  • Hazardous waste management in the Pacific basin
    … large multinational companies, which have some waste treatment equipment of their own, most industrial operations have no … … one small facilityhandles hazardous waste, most factories either store their wastes on-site or dump them illegally. In other cases, particularly with sludges, the material is carted away to be dumped in vacant land.
  • Canister Storage Building (CSB) Design Basis Accident Analysis Documentation
    … cooled using the sampling/weld station cooling cap to reduce the temperature consistent with standard industrial safety regulations. The MCO sampling cart is connected to the local distributed control system and inert gas connections. … sample cart vent's flexible hose is connected to the sampling hood discharge, which dumps to the exhauster.