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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HUH1048M Global Industrial Marley Engineered Products Not Provided Berko ® Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater Huh1048m, 10kw, 480v
HUH1024M Global Industrial Marley Engineered Products Not Provided Berko ® Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater Huh1024m, 10kw, 240v
HUH3048L Global Industrial Marley Engineered Products Not Provided Berko ® Industrial Electric Horizontal Unit Heater Huh3048l, 30kw, 480v

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  • Ferro Techniek's Thick Film Heater Basics
    appliances. - waterjugs, kettles. - steamers, humidifi ers. - food heaters. - grills, tepan yaki’s. - warmer plates. - toasters. - washing machines. - electric irons. - showers. - stone heaters. Industrial appliances. - storage heaters. - fryers, oil-heaters. - hot-water dispensers. - central heating
  • What is a Transparent Window Heater (.pdf)
    to. preventing aircraft windows from frosting over. In essence a Transparent Heater Window is a pane. of glass with an application of transparent semiconductor coating that has electric current passed. through the coating. The electrical resistance of the coating creates heat energy which heats the. glass
  • Direct In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (.pdf)
    The EXAxt Zircon Oxygen Analyzer (Model ZR402G) is used to monitor and control the oxygen concentration in combustion gases, in boilers and industrial furnaces, for wide application in industries which consume considerable energy-such as steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramics, paper
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
    . Products Overview. Corporate Brochure. Industrial Electric Heat Tracing. Steam Heat Tracing. Instrument Tubing Bundles. CEMS / Analyzer Umbilicals. Commercial Electric Heat Tracing. Controls and Monitoring. Self-Regulating Cables. Complex Piping Design Guide. Power-Limiting Cables. Parallel
  • Air Curtains Circulate Good Ideas for Food Service Facilities
    . history. locations. careers. news. events. product recalls. products. heating. ventilation. custom engineering. parts. resources. homeowner. homeowner links. homeowner guides. articles. zone heating. know your ventilation. wall heaters. electric shop heaters bring on the heat. the lowdown on baseboard
  • Assured Automations Announces New RM-150
    At last process engineers and plant managers can actuate their valves quickly and effortlessly, taking advantage of Assured Automation's newest RM-150 electric actuator's external wiring, to build "plug and play" solutions. Assured Automation In The News | New RM-150 "Plug and Play" Electric
  • Identifying Motor Defects Through Fault Zone Analysis (.pdf)
    operator once said, "If a problem exists with a piece of equipment, and there is an electric cable within ten feet of it, then it must be an electrical problem!". Identifying Motor Defects Through. Fault Zone Analysis. By. Noah P. Bethel. ELECTRICAL
  • Medical Device Link . Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results
    . If the heaters are positioned 2 in. apart, the exterior heater should be no more than 1 in. from the exterior mold surface, if not closer. This arrangement will help promote even heat distribution within the tool, resulting in a uniformly vulcanized part. ELECTRIC INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES Plastic

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