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DK Series   Tescom-Emerson Process Management Industrial Valves TESCOM ™ DK Series regulator improves control and resolution at medium flow and pressures. The DK Series regulator can be paired up with the TESCOM 26-1600 regulator for remote control capability or combined with the TESCOM ER3000 for remote automated and precise pressure control to ±
SPPR20   Philmac Industrial Valves Quick action barbed valves connect directly into garden irrigation pipe and provide an easy on/off control within the irrigation system. Pressure Controllers reduce pressure to a level suitable for garden irrigation systems.
FR12-20F   HydraForce, Inc. Industrial Valves A screw-in, cartridge-style, fixed orifice, pressure-compensated, hydraulic flow regulating valve (restrictive type).
Type 2333 ANSI   SAMSON Controls, Inc. Industrial Valves applications. The differential pressure across the regulator is used as. auxiliary energy to operate the valve. To open the regulator,. this pressure must at least be as high as the minimum differential. pressure deltapmin. The attached pilot valve - either as a pressure reducing valve or. an excess...
Type 2371-11   SAMSON Controls, Inc. Industrial Valves Pressure reducing valve with a diaphragm for controlling the. outlet pressure to the set point adjustable over a spring. Special features. • Proportional regulator for use in the food processing and. pharmaceutical industries. • Wetted inside surfaces with a smooth or polished finish...
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  • How to Select a Hayward Pressure Regulator
    Pressure regulators can be selected based on the size of the pipe in the system. But they're not like on/off valves, more is involved. Sizing a pressure regulator is a bit more difficult than sizing some other types of valves, but it is not all that hard to do. The first thing you need to do
  • Setting up that other kind of regulator - What is it called?
    to the regulator diaphragm by a loading line and causes an opening movement of the regulator valve. As the gas flow through the valve increases, so does the pressure on the outlet side of the valve. Things come into balance between the inlet and outlet pressures and the result is the ratio of the outlet gas
  • Check your Regulator Vent in Cold Weather
    that seem simple and ordinary can go astray. Most natural gas combustion fuel systems incorporate a regulator to allow delivery of the fuel gas at a controlled set pressure to any given appliance.  Those regulators in many cases are located at or near the appliance and indoors.  Most codes require
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    differential pressure across the filter. A manometer should show between 0 and 1 psi with a new filter. A rule of thumb is to replace the filter when it reads 10 psi. You can buy manometers, for under $60.00 US, from any industrial supply company, such as Grainger. If you call them at 1-800-487-3279
  • Unloader vs. Regulator
    is the pump buyer's single source for pump supplier and consumer information, tools, and tips on buying and maintaining all kinds of industrial pumps. The website features a powerful quote system allowing buyers to get price quotes - fast and free. For more information, visit About Pumptec
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    Pressure Regulator. Pressure Regulators. Pressure regulators are found in many common home and industrial applications. For example, pressure regulators are used in gas grills to regulate propane pressure, in home furnaces to regulate natural gas, in medical/dental equipment regulate oxygen
  • Pressure Control In a Biogas Generator
     is in the 4 psig range. This can .  . be adjusted to achieve optimum performance . from the engine‐generator system.   .  . Stable performance  . The installation of the Equilibar regulator . in parallel with the safety relief valve . provides much more precise pressure . control in the range required
  • 23 Questions and Answers about Water Pressure Reducing Valves
    . This booklet was prepared by. WATTS REGULATOR COMPANY. North Andover, Massachusetts. The following information will familiarize you with water. pressure reducing valves, also typically called regulators. It will emphasize that regulators are not only water pres-. sure controls but are actually "primary
  • Small Valve Vendor Provides Value Through System Integration
    of the processes involved in a tion. CPX/MPA valve terminals gather the input and output. When quality counts . . . choose Cashco. For 100 years, the. industry has turned to Cashco for precision control solutions. The Model DA1 is a rugged high-pressure reducing regulator. with unmatched capacity
  • Air spring key to robot handler
    . This consists of a pressure regulator, backed by spring-loaded pop-off valves that trigger at 20

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