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  • Catalog: Industrial Pumps
    and delivery of petroleum products and liquefied gases. Blackmer's unique sliding vane design is now recognized worldwide for handling industrial process fluids, Volatile Organic Compounds, abrasive slurries and viscous liquids. Blackmer's worldwide reputation for superior product quality begins
  • AODD Pumps for Harsh Conditions
    Product type and environment must be considered when choosing the proper pump. When considering the world of industrial pumps, the word "harsh" has two meanings that must be taken into consideration when choosing the proper pump for the application: the characteristics of the product
  • PT 103: Pump Monitoring
    for complete industrial pump monitoring. Pump monitoring with PZT piezoelectric accelerometers assures reliable measurements across the vibration spectrum.
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps
    stroke length is made adjustable. Most plunger pumps must be stopped for stroke adjustment, but a few offer the option of in-service adjustment. Outlet pressures delivered by plunger pumps are as high as 50,000 psi for some lab units. Maximum pressures for industrial pumps usually range from 5,000
  • A "Solid" Solution to Pump Selection
    Tests show that solid-body plastic pumps are the best choice for oscillating applications. When considering materials of construction for industrial pumps that rely on oscillating-displacement operation for handling a wide variety of sensitive, corrosive or potentially explosive products, plastic
  • AODD Pumps for Harsh Conditions (,pdf)
    Webster's Dictionary offers a number of definitions for the word "harsh," including "having a coarse or uneven surface that is rough or unpleasant to the touch" and "causing a disagreeable or painful sensory reaction." When considering the world of industrial pumps, the word "harsh" has two
  • The Sky's The Limit- Plastic AODD Pumps in the Manufacture of Solar Cells (.pdf)
    While precise, the manufacture of solar cells is also a very harsh process. Doing most of the heavy lifting during the various stages of this production process are industrial pumps. These tasks can only be completed by pumps that have a high capacity to resist abrasion. Fortunately for those
  • Diversified Chemical Technologies' Subsidiaries Utilize Wilden & Griswold Pumps to Improve Overall Performance
    Crucial components in the manufacturing cycles of DCT's subsidiaries are industrial pumps. While the company was usually meeting the manufacturing quotas demanded by its clients, it was not always doing so with pumps that offered the best solutions for time and cost-effectiveness.

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