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Parts by Number for Industrial Salvage Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PAK166 Dawg, Inc. Cisco-Eagle, Inc. Industrial Containers Eagle's tough Salvage Drums offer great quality at affordable prices! These drums are constructed of blow-molded high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors. The 65-gallon drums are for 55 drums or smaller. All Salvage drums meet 3 psi pressure test for Salvage Drum Compliance and the lids feature...
8129300   Hassel Material Handling Co. Industrial Containers SCREW-ON LID. EAGLE Poly Overpack/Salvage Drums handle corrosives, caustics, poisons, and wastes. Blow-molded polyethylene. Oversized containers have UV inhibitors. Meet UN HM-181 and DOT 49 CFR 173.3C (1992) regulations. Optional steel drum dolly sold separately.
PAK674   New Pig Corporation Industrial Containers Tough UN Rated overpack is built to withstand rough handling. Guaranteed. X-rated for Packing Groups I, II and III, so it's ideal for regulated packaging applications, including shipping hazardous waste by land, sea or rail. 100% polyethylene material with UV inhibitors is durable, light-weight and...
7414100   Hassel Material Handling Co. Industrial Containers BOLT RING. SKOLNIK Steel Overpack/Salvage Drums feature a corrosion-resistant lining. Choose either bolt-on lid closure with 12-gauge bolt rings and rubber gaskets or lever lock closure —open lever, slide ring on, and pull handle closed to lock tight. Holds both open- or closed-head drums...
PAK489   New Pig Corporation Industrial Containers X-rated for Packing Groups I, II and III, so it's ideal for regulated packaging applications, including shipping hazardous waste by land, sea or rail. Built-in handle and 6 " olefin wheels make it easy to transport right to your shipping vehicle. 100% polyethylene material with UV inhibitors is...

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