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  • Improved Performance of Motor-Drive Systems by SAW Shaft Torque Feedback
    The paper describes the application of a. non-contact, high bandwidth, low cost, SAW-based torque. measuring system for improving the dynamic performance. of industrial process motor-drive systems. Background to. the SAW technology and its motor integration is discussed. and a resonance ratio
  • Industrial Automation Platform for Sawmills
    in harsh, dusty environments associated with saw mills. DTI's ruggedized system is used with innovative technology to provide optimal log recovery through continuous scanning, skewing and slewing of the lumber allowing for the shortest integration in the industry.
  • Magnetostriction: How It Works
    , with an accuracy on the order of microns. Over 1 million are in use today in industrial applications ranging from saw mills, injection molding and casting to petrochemical and pharmaceutical level control to off-road construction and agricultural machine control (see Figure 1). Recently, the cost
  • A Good Example of Bad Design
    Intuitive design means something different to practically every industrial designer. To me, it means users needn't think too much about how to use a product. That is, its use is straightforward and comes naturally. Unfortunately, many products used daily are nonintuitive. That's because designers
  • King Quarry Case Study (.pdf)
    from Park Industries. The Park TXS is a superior piece of equipment for architectural stone companies, but like all wet saws, it creates large amounts of slurry water. The city regulations for King Quarry's industrial park prohibits the discharge of wastewater solids, and King Quarry approached Park
  • Case Study: Lear is in the Drivers Seat-- Parts Supplier Needed Rugged, Dependable Carton Flow and Found It in Span-Track
    that with their knowledge of BMW's commitment to quality, and Lear knew they had their work cut out for them. That's why Lear's Industrial Engineer, Brian Fraser and Materials Team Leader, Carolyn James turned to Span-Track by Unex. 'We had heard about Span-Track on a tour of BMW's Greer, South Carolina plant,” James
  • Application Newsletter - Laser Marking Tools - What will they think of next?
    Sawsalls are a favorite tool for those who like to quickly and easily cut through wood, plastics, metal, pipes and even wood with nails in it. Sawsalls are perfect for those hard to reach places, when a circular saw, chop saw, table saw or even a hand saw just won't do the trick. Need to get under
  • Shop Achieves All-Time Productivity High
    . This rapid growth is a result of the high-quality and professional work the company is known for. Robbins manufactures parts for various markets including recreational vehicle systems, mass transit seating, lawn and garden equipment, bicycle accessories, aerial lifts and construction, industrial and farm
  • Starting-gate technology to debut in '08 Olympics
    . The ProStuff Straight Eight is now the official starting gate for Olympic BMX contests. The gate's manufacturer, , Rockford, Ill., uses Parker automation components including a pneumatic ram, FRLs, exhaust valves, a custom accumulator, hoses, connectors, and industrial-grade shock absorbers. Barker
  • The Maintenance Theory Jungle
    Maintenance Management Solutions Pty Ltd An increasing amount of attention has been paid to the subject of maintenance management over the past twenty years. Academics, industrial practitioners and consultants have proposed numerous theories connected with maintenance management during this period
  • Winning the Pharma Cap Spending Game
    By Agnes Shanley with Nancy Bartels, Contributor THIS YEAR SAW some wrenching changes in the drug industry, as several leading name-brand drugs came off patent, and competitive pressures forced Merck, Pfizer and Schering-Plough to sell or shut down facilities, eliminating hundreds of jobs. This isn
  • Virtual Sensors for Advanced Pharmaceutical Process Control
    By N.C. Chakrabarti, Rajesh Sahasrabudhe and Ravindra Bhuyarkar, Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd. This virtual sensor is already used in the industrial implementation of the raw mix optimizer the online supervisory ratio (proportioning) control solution for the raw mix process in the cement

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