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  • Commercial-Industrial Cleaning, by Pressure-Washing, Hydro-Blasting and UHP-Jetting
    ...type of car in need of cleaning and/or sanitation services and/or coating removal applications will often in itself identify the industry and company it services, as for instance gondolas transporting bulk commodities such as aggre- gate, coal, minerals, scrap or steel products. Open top hoppers are also designed for bulk commodities, such as coal, coke, aggregate or sand and... Flat cars transport steel, lumber and other finished heavy industrial products, as auto-rack cars transport vehicles...
  • The History of Stainless Steel
    ...skyscrapers, the first, 103-105 Skyscrapers: A History o/the World's Most Famous and Important Skyscrapers (Dupre), 117 slumbercoaches, 164-165,303 smelting chromium, sources for, 175-176 stainless scrap , 176 Smith, AI, 109... ...standardization of, 246 Stainless Steel -Its Treatment, Properties and... ...passenger trains, 227 steam locomotives, 226- 227 utilitarian low-cost stainless for coal hopper cars, 227 stainless... ...Circle L, 243 Cronifer 3718, 244 Enduro 20-10, 244 Enduro S, 243 Industrial No. 35, 243...
  • Powder metallurgy
    This overheated melt runs mostly over a second lesser crucible or a pouring hopper and forms there... By the industrial steel powder obtaining by water atomizing the costs for the generation of molten steel play and the thereto required raw materials a larger roller. This isn't given where is used the sorted scrap and melted in the electric arc furnace.
  • Exploring Boundaries
    The great legacy from the industrial past was a vast space of two 35m high bays of... Some ancillary buildings, principally the old scrap and concast (continuous casting) delivery bays on the north side... Here a new elevation is clad in profiled steel . The structure of the old external crane rails and hoppers is retained for the same reason.
  • Review of recent progress in linear motors
    magnetic particles which will propel them off the conveyor into collecting hoppers . ...conductivities will receive different forces, it is often possible to separate different metals out from general scrap . ...UK, Davey Linear Motors won the 1985-86 Prince of Wales Award for industrial innovation and production... A paper by Shibao and Niioko of the Nipon Steel Corporation [5] describes the use of a...
  • Wear Protection for Mining Equipment Processes
    AstraWear 400F is a water tempered martensitic steel , with typical hardness of 400 BHN (42.5 HRC... Kingfisher Industrial has calculated that the cost of repairing plant and equipment such as transfer chutes, hoppers and silos, grinding mills & classifiers, screens and underpans, tanks, cyclones and separators, fan casings, feeders and conveyors averages around onethird that of buying new... ...service life of process plant and equipment that, without intervention, would otherwise have been designated as scrap .
  • Weighing Systems for the Metals Industry
    We offer a wide range of load cells and solutions for: Cranes and platforms in all environments Scrap weighing systems Blast furnace weighing systems Container scales Charging scales Hopper scales ...of ABB is the world's leading supplier of advanced measuring technology for the steel , paper and belt... Our customers can rely on ABB as a depen- dable partner with industrial expertise and excellent design.
  • New Exair Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac Conveyors
    Cincinnati, OH -- Exair's new Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac™ Conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for bulk materials including steel shot, metal parts, scrap , and trim. Designed for rugged, industrial applications, it has a hardened alloy construction that helps prevent premature wear. Applications include transferring bulk materials and parts, hopper loading, waste/trim removal, fiber tensioning, chip removal, and filling...
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, January 2, 2008 > [73 FR 226] National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Iron and Steel Foundries Area Sources
    ...standards which require a mercury limit of 35 milligrams per ton (mg/ton) of steel produced or a... ...allows facilities time to reduce emissions by removing sources of mercury from the scrap they process but... ...requested that the final rule include performance or stack testing (inlet/outlet) and baghouse hopper dust analysis to... The commenters noted that batch process emissions are tested and monitored in many industrial sectors, and EPA...
  • Alternatives for managing wastes from reactors and post-fission operations in the LWR fuel cycle. Volume 2. Alternatives for waste treatment
    Operating more than 10 years in an industrial plant at 2 kg scrap /hr. The tube is fabricated of Incalloy 800 and 321 stainless steel surrounded by 30 cm of firebrick... be incinerated at the front end and discharging the ashes into a hopper at the tail...
  • Processing bank slags in ferrous metallurgy
    Dump slag processing operations for steetmaking slags at most metallurgical plants amounts to remov- ing steel scrap from the slag with factory-made stationary or mobile magnetic separators. The slags are processed by the industrial association "Dneprodorstro- imaterialy, n The specialized "Krivorozhskii" quarry is located... The grading unit consists of a receiving hopper with grate, separating out pieces larger than 120 ram...
  • Managing Technological Innovation: Competitive Advantage from Change
    INDUSTRIAL VALUE CHAIN Unloading equipment was built into the ship, as hoppers emptying onto conveyor belts. We look next at innovation in the iron- and steel -making firms of the value chain. First, iron is refined from iron ore and/or scrap , and then steel is made from the iron.
    Drop scrap or when hopper . mo Steel box frame reduct~onnozzle firnit industrial mator and heavy duty .
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigment
    Disposal of sulfate process acid waste streams in ocean waters is being increasingly restricted by the indus- trial nations. Ilmenite ore, as shown in Figure 7.2, is received by rail hopper cars and unloaded either... Reactors are 15 ft in diameter by 30 ft high, with a steel shell lined with lead... Scrap iron .
  • Scrap and Sludge is Handled Quickly and Easily by Recycler
    Globe Metal Recycling Services Ltd (Location, State) specializes in the processing of industrially generated high-speed steel scrap , high-temperature alloy scrap, high-temperature alloy scrap and carbide, and grinding swarf and sludge. In-plant dumping hoppers are designed to trap coolant. ...freight cost constraints, we have a Scrap Handling Consulting Service designed to show industrial scrap generators how...