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  • Materials of Construction for Industrial Water Softener Piping
    of the biggest contributors to corrosion we typically see with industrial water treatment equipment (softeners, filters and dealkalizers) are galvanic action and contact with air.
  • Use of industrial waste water
    USE OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER FOR XYLANASE PRODUCTION BY TWO , James C. du Preez Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Food Science/UNESCO MIRCEN, University of the Free State, PO Box 339, 9300 Bloemfontein, South Africa Sappi Management Services, PO Box 3252, 1560 Springs, South Africa
  • Clean Waters and Agriculture
    not just agricultural soils that are of concern. "There are many important influences on water quality --including urban and industrial activities, natural runoff, and erosion, " he says. Excessive erosion threatens land and water alike, carving into valuable farm acreage and unleashing sediments
  • Industrial Chemicals
    A supplier of industrial chemicals along the West coast uses several types of Hoffer meters and electronics to meter both corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals in road tankers and plant systems. They have used Hoffer equipment for applications such as bleach, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid
  • Reinventing the Industrial Blower
    Today, industrial blowers are the workhorse of the process industry. These high volume, low pressure air producers are being used by the hundreds in some operations for a variety of applications from material handling to aeration. However, despite the prevalence of industrial blowers
  • Industrial Wireless Bridge: An Introduction
    different way. An Industrial Wireless Bridge is used to connect two networks that are separated by a certain distance. They are widely used in large campuses where various different locations require simultaneous access to one parent network, which is commonly known as the intranet network.
  • Industrial Steam Heating Systems
    from passing through the coil before it is condensed, and return piping to bring the condensate back to the boiler. The purpose of this Engineering Letter is to provide a basic overview of the major elements found in typical industrial steam heating systems.
  • Living Water Studios Uses Water Jet to Make Christian Artwork
    In a unique fusion of faith, artistry and manufacturing technology, Living Water Studios of Kent, Wash., has found an enduring new purpose for its parent company's industrial water jet cutting machines. These high-tech machines, which normally are abuzz cutting titanium aircraft parts and other

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  • Operational and Environmental Consequences of Large Industrial Cooling Water Systems
    Van Schaik Publishers, Pretoria, South Africa Cloete TE, Jacobs L, Brözel VS (1998) The chemical control of biofouling in industrial water systems .
  • Handbook of Corrosion Inhibitors
    Uses: Corrosion inhibitor and sequestrant in potable and industrial water sys- tems for steel distribution system water lines, iron and galvanized piping, and lead and copper plumbing .
  • Handbook of Preservatives
    Uses: Antimicrobial in industrial water systems ; preservative in aq. systems, paint, food pkg. adhesives/paper/animal glue, latex, mineral slurries, inks, and metalworking .
  • Handbook of Paper and Pulp Chemicals
    Uses: Antimicrobial in industrial water systems ; preservative in aq. systems, paint, food pkg. adhesives/paper/animal glue, latex, mineral slurries, inks, and metalworking; effective pH 6-8; 60 C max. temp.
  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    Uses: Flame retardant for plastics, textiles, wood, paper, chipboard, plywood; corrosion inhibitors; precipitating silver salts for photographic plates; medicine (for its bromide ion); analytical chemistry; process engraving; textile finishing; biocide in industrial water systems , paper mills .
  • Marine and Industrial Biofouling
    2003) Biofouling control in industrial water systems : what we know and what we need to know.
  • Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of Materials Chlorine-containing compounds ½II, 21.2Š Because of its wide use in industrial water systems and clinical settings, much information exists about the effect of free available chlorine on biofilms grown in different environments.
  • Handbook of Cosmetic and Personal Care Additives Volume 1 and 2
    Uses: Antimicrobial, preservative for adhesives, coatings, paints, starch, pigment and extender slurries, latexes, antifoam emulsions, inks, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cooling towers; preservative, bactericide in cosmetics/toiletries; biocide in metal- working fluids, industrial water systems , pulp/paper; antiseptic; in food-pkg. adhe- sives; antimicrobial preservative for …