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  • Inertial Sensing for Hard Disk Drive Drop Protection (.pdf)
    The worldwide growth rate for portable electronic products, which are more and more likely to contain a hard disk drive (HDD), is impressive. Earlier this year, the IT market research specialists at IDC reported that worldwide mobile phone shipments totaled 194.3 million units in the fourth quarter
  • Inertial Sensor Theory 101
    , or digital signal proportional to applied acceleration and tilt from DC through a specified frequency. The sensing element in a Jewell inertial instrument is the torquer, a D 'Arsonval mechanism designed specifically for sensor use. Jewell has produced inertial instrument torquers and complete
  • Sensing the motion
    . offers a full range of inertial, tilt,. implemented as a complement (short-. vibration, and seismic sensors with. term data), a replacement, or a backup. performances and advantages. of GPS in the event of jamming or loss. developed to meet the specific sensing. of signal. Extensively used
  • Gun Hard Inertial Measurement Unit Based on MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer and Rate Sensor (.pdf)
    Smart munitions and missiles are increasingly incorporating inertial measurement units for guidance of short range weapon systems. In addition to usual high performance of the required sensors, namely, accelerometers and gyros, this application requires high shock survivability and post shock
  • Electronics and Algorithms for Rollover Sensing (.pdf)
    . Lateral Velocity. Acceleration. Rotational Velocity. Figure 3. Illustration of a typical scenario where. gravitational and inertial acceleration components. contribute to the total acceleration vector. ROLLOVER SYSTEM OVERVIEW. The design intent described here is to develop a rollover-. sensing
  • Position Sensors and Position-Sensing Instruments
    sensors include rotary encoders and angular position sensors. Orientation position sensors include encoders, inertial gyros, and inclinometers.
  • High performances MEMS accelerometers are used in railway applications
    . safety and maintenance. for inertial sensing which requires. The company was founded in 2001. long term stability. and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Various technologies such. • SiFlexTM are world best in class. as capacitive, piezoelectric or. seismic sensors widely used to asses. High-speed rail
  • Vehicle and Occupant Responses in a Friction Trip Rollover Test (.pdf)
    dummy. The vehicle was equipped with gyros capable of 500. METHODOLOGY. deg/s roll rate (BE1 Gyrochip II, model QR514 - 0500 -. 102 from Systron Donner Inertial Systems, UK). Figure 1 shows the vehicle mounted on a flat dolly,. Accelerometers were placed at the vehicle cg and other. which was towed

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