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  • Inertial Sensor Theory 101
    Jewell accelerometers and inclinometers are precision inertial instruments. They utilize closed loop sensor technology to produce a highly accurate output with virtually infinite resolution. The inertial sensor output is an analog voltage, current, or digital signal proportional to applied
  • Gun Hard Inertial Measurement Unit Based on MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer and Rate Sensor (.pdf)
    Smart munitions and missiles are increasingly incorporating inertial measurement units for guidance of short range weapon systems. In addition to usual high performance of the required sensors, namely, accelerometers and gyros, this application requires high shock survivability and post shock
  • MEMS Motion Sensors, the Solution for Harsh Environments in Defence Applications
    the. effectiveness of conventional projectiles. and makes it difficult in term of logistic. and supply. A major challenge for the. control system is the inertial sensor that. has to operate at full accuracy even after. the extremely harsh launch environment.
  • Breakthrough in High Performance Inertial Navigation Grade Sigma-Delta MEMS Accelerometer
    In this paper, we report a Sigma-Delta MEMS navigation grade accelerometer, which, to our knowledge, is the first reported MEMS accelerometer to reach navigation grade performances. This reported system encompasses a high stability and high shock resistance mechanical MEMS sensor, a 5th-order
  • Customized Servo Motors Position Gyro-Stabilized Sensor Platform
    -motor-controlled platform capable of handling a variety of sensor payloads, including visible and infrared cameras, inertial navigation systems, and more. Initially, they served the aerial camera market; for example, news and law-enforcement helicopters. More recently, they've shifted to ground-based
  • Revealing Invisible Traces of Hand-Object Interactions with Thermal Vision
    of the user is often monitored with biomedical sensors, such as a blood pressure sensor [2], while the user's orientation and movements are typically picked up by GPS and inertial sensors [5]. The physical interactions between the user and surrounding objects can be detected by pressure and force sensors
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Traditional units are large and expensive, which limits their use. In the past few years there has been rapid advancement in the development of microfabricated inertial sensors and microelectronics. This has enabled system designers to look at new application areas that previously were not feasible. Running
  • Wired 7.06: Fetish
    , tells you by voice or shows you step by step on a bright color screen how to drive anywhere. GPS and inertial sensors monitor position, direction, and speed, while its guidance system offers the optimal path. If

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