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  • MICRO: Product Extras (June '2000) will use Poco Graphite's PyroGraph for its ion implantation beam-line components. The graphite is produced using specially formulated graphite infiltrated with pyrolytic carbon. It targets high-purity vacuum processes. The infiltration process fills and seals the material porosity, creating
  • Getting to the Root of the Solution
    . The most common mycorrhizal fungi, arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, colonize most crop plant roots and enhance nutrient uptake, mainly phosphorus. AM fungi have been shown to enhance disease resistance, increase soil 's stability against erosion, maintain soil pores for air and water infiltration
  • Rapid Prototyping - Rapid Manufacturing
    - for example no heat treatment or. infiltration. • Same day process with CAD data files can. produce inserts, press or mould parts literally. within hours. • Produces tools and inserts with internal. undercuts and channels for conformal cooling. for quicker cycle times for injection molding. • High
  • Thermal Imaging: Changing the Nature of Restorative Drying
    Thermal imaging is a non-destructive, cost-effective method for detecting water infiltration. Using an infrared (IR) imager, we can determine water penetration source and the condition of building materials, whether dry or damp. The ability to visually detect the damage from water infiltration
  • Bellows let chip testers run hot and cold
    have increased the chance of moisture infiltration. Corrosion-resistant nickel bellows turned out to be the solution. Manufactured through an electrodeposition process by Servometer, Cedar Grove, N.J., the seamless, nonporous bellows will not collect moisture. Electrodeposition also maintains high
  • Remote Control
    , and any air infiltration. air temperature, but how quickly it. When providing a hood, areas to pay. gives up its heat is a function of the. particular attention to include: adequate. air velocity over the part. However,. insulation; adequate inlet and outlet sizes;. material and geometry limit how
  • Criteria for Obtaining Specified Humidity and Temperature Conditions
    , air distribution, volume of air moved, proper insulation and vapor. barriers. Total heat load (lights, equipment, people, infiltration through walls and. ductwork, and make-up air) is the most important item affecting uniformity. If. there were absolutely no load within the conditioned space
  • From Golf to Gulf, Drainage Industry Greens
    and applied to soil, and gypsum is applied as a powder. Not only were Norton 's pellets easier to apply, they also reduced erosion just as well as the typical treatments --25 to 50 percent compared to untreated soil --and increased water infiltration, thus saving more rain for crop use.