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  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    a thermometer sensitive to wavelengths above 5 microns would be. unaffected by the hot surroundings. Filters. infrared pyrometers can be fitted with filters to look only at a segment of the spectrum and. integrate the energy fal ing on the detector from that segment. Filter types include narrow
  • Machine Vision Adds Capacity, Safety to Road 'Well-Traveled'
    Ambient light has been a challenge for machine vision cameras and systems, which had their genesis in the more controlled environments of the industrial production floor. "The most common solution is to use infrared (IR) light and use a silicon sensor without the typical NIR filter-coating applied
  • sensors, leading to image blurring. In the first two applications above, the filters were "band-pass" filters that only allowed light of a specified wavelength to pass through. In the infrared example, the filter used could have been a "band-pass" filter set for visible light, a "band-stop" filter
  • Ultracompact Fully Integrated MegaPixel Multispectral Imager
    ,. dichroic edge filters, infrared blockers, or broad band antireflection coatings. In addition, enhanced metal reflectors,. low reflectivity opaque metals, and electrically conductive transparent patterns can also be deposited by this technique. The production of a patterned optical multilayer coated
  • IR Remote Control Transmitter
    , this application PIC10F206 to implement a two-button infrared remote note will focus on the transmitter only. controller. The PIC10F2XX family of microcontrollers is currently the smallest in the world, and their compact FIGURE 1: MODULATED SIGNAL sizes and low cost make them preferable for small applications
  • Real-time Megapixel Multispectral Bioimaging
    in the near infrared spectrum compared to the visible spectrum provide some added. depth discrimination to measurements3. In addition spectral imaging has the advantage that it can be applied non-. invasively which is useful for applications such as assessment of burns or inflammatory skin conditions4-6
  • Color Machine Vision Goes Beyond the Visible
    where IR imaging is growing because of its ability to separate different organic materials and identify "bruised " food based on water concentrations; and airborne remote sensing applications for crop monitoring. While monochrome cameras paired with near infrared (NIR) bandpass filters have evaluated
  • Optical Dictionary
    and near infrared lasers). Achromatic lens: A usually two-element lens that is corrected for chromatic aberration to bring two specified or distinct wavelengths to a common focal point. Active medium: Collection of atoms capable of undergoing stimulated emission at a given wavelength. Afocal: Literally

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