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  • Infrared Technology for Fail-To-Safe Hydrocarbon Gas Detection
    , and the need for oxygen. to maintain sensor accuracy. In the past few. years, continuing advances in infrared. technology have provided a more reliable yet. reasonably priced alternative in infrared. absorption based combustible gas sensors. The increased reliability also results in cost. savings via
  • Infrared Thermometry Understanding and using the Infrared Thermometer (.pdf)
    Advances in electronic and detector technology have resulted in a variety of non-contact infrared thermometers (IR) for industrial and scientific use. It is important to understand their major differences in order to select the proper unit for a given application
  • Combustible Gas Safety Monitoring: Infrared vs. Catalytic Gas Detectors
    system for oil/gas, petrochemical or. (0-100% LEL). They are also suitable for use in a. other applications, how do you decide whether to. broad variety of field application environments. use infrared or catalytic gas detector technology?. (see Table 1 for a list of gases typically monitored). Both
  • Infrared Temperature Calibration 101 (.pdf)
    that the sensor is. seeing temperature, confidence energy into thermal radiation. responsible for most of the error. in IR temperature measurement The intensity of a portion of. in a temperature measurement,. usually requires the use of cali-. the infrared radiation emitted. which explains the importance
  • Explaining The AirTest Self Calibrating CO2 Sensor
    infrared gas sensors, built using consistent quality practices (e.g. ISO-9001 procedures), the light source can be the greatest contributor to sensor drift. As the light source ages, its light output will change and affect sensor accuracy. As part. of the ISO-9001 procedure used in the manufacture
  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    Detector Sensor Drift: Catalytic vs. Infrared. Catalytic bead combustible sensor. Catalytic sensors respond to any combustible. In addition, the catalyst may be affected by. technology dates to the 1830s and has been. gas or vapor to which they are exposed. This. inhibitors such as lead or silicon
  • Hubble's Infrared Camera is Back in Business New Images Released
    After more than three years of inactivity, and thanks to a new cryogenic refrigerator, the Hubble Space Telescope's Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) today debuts various breathtaking views of galaxies in several stages of development. The first NICMOS test images
  • Available Gas Concentration, Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    : 2-channel infra-red absorption. principle. Measuring range: 0 to10 000 ppm (0 to 1 vol% CO ). 2. Accuracy: 0 to 5000 ppm±. (under nominal conditions). (50 ppm+ 2% of measured value). 5000 to 10000 ppm. ±(100 ppm +3% of meas. value). Compact sensor for mobile and stationary applications. High display

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