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  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    Catalytic bead combustible sensor. technology dates to the 1830s and has been. used for decades to measure concentrations. of many combustible gases. The infrared. spectrum was discovered in 1800; the 1950s. saw a surge in use of the infrared spectrum. for many technological applications
  • Gas Detection for Acetylene Manufacturing Plants
    Sensidyne has custom designed Gas Detection equipment for Acetylene manufacturing facilities. Two systems have been designed, both of which consist of an infrared sensor and transmitter to detect Acetylene gas. The infrared sensor offers extended life and reduced maintenance and calibration
  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring Throughout the Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
    S11/13/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Add Article Hazardous Gas Monitoring Throughout the Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Details Cancel. 11/13/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Add Article PrevEx Flammability Analyzers vs. Infrared Sensors for Process Applications Details Cancel. 11/13/2012
  • MIR Fiber Sensors Remote Spectroscopy & Pyrometry in 4-16 um Region
    Recent Development in technology of polychristalline silver halide fibers for Medium Infrared Region 4-16um (MIR-fibers-Fig. 1) opens a new area of applications of IR-spectroscopy in "fingerprint region" of molecular vibrations for the most gaseous, liquid and solid substances. Fiber accessories
  • Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor (.pdf)
    since residential units would have to be easier to handle, maintenance free, lower cost and require lower power consumption. Over the long term (e.g., 5 years) residential units based on Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) must be able to make accurate and repeatable measurements to a postulated accuracy
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    minimum alveolar concentration values. The gas analyzer that is at the heart of anaesthesia equipment plays a critical role in all of these functions. Dr ager Medizintechnik GmbH (L ubeck, Germany) has developed the Infrared Rapidly Identifying Analyzer (IRIA), which identifies the anaesthetic agent
  • How To Select a Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer For Use in an Industrial Application (.pdf)
    Several different sensor technologies may be used to detect hydrocarbons, including: catalytic; photo-ionization; infra-red; gas chromatography; and flame ionization. Of these possibilities, flame ionization (FID) is considered the best choice for continuously monitoring the total concentration
  • Checking Cleaning Efficiency of Metal Parts
    cleaning. The metal part was soaked in a known volume of Freon, then the solvent was tested for its hydrocarbon content. Since Freon is an infrared transparent solvent and does not contain hydrocarbons, it can be placed directly into a 10mm quartz cuvette cell and inserted into an InfraCal Cuvette Holder
  • THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
    Tetrahertz (or THz) radiation lies in a frequency range of approximately 1012 HZ in the electromagnetic spectrum. This region falls between microwaves (on the long side) and far-infrared (on the short side). Up until recently, this region of the EM spectrum has been under-utilized due to a lack
  • The First Choice for Water Vapor Permeability Test of Drug Packaging-Weighing Method
    of materials and is no less important than auto gas permeability. Water vapor permeability can be tested with weighing method or sensor method. Weighing method, or cup method, is the basic method, while test data of sensor method should be calibrated by the data of cup method (including infrared