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  • Infrared Analysis of Single and Multi Layer Films
    as. well as in the laboratory. Polymers such as Nylon, EVOH,. EVA, and polyethylene have characteristic absorbances in the mid-infrared. range that can be used for material identification or for quantitative. measurements. A quick analysis to determine the thickness of the barrier. layer
  • Flexible Film Analysis
    of infrared light is passed through the sample and. measured by the detector array. The infrared absorbance at different. wavelengths can then be used to measure the thickness of a particular film. layer or to identify a specific film. In under a minute a result is displayed. InfraSpec is a trademark
  • Convectors: When Looks and Performance Count
    Hotels, schools, retail stores, sports facilities and other building types typically have rooms that are most efficiently heated by the use of space heaters such as baseboards or convectors, radiant ceiling panels or infrared radiant heaters. For these applications, the "appearance" of the heating
  • Medical Device Link .
    A new laser marking system that requires no special additives and is suitable for medical applications was featured at a recent manufacturing show in the Netherlands. Traditional laser marking techniques rely on infrared light, which burns special additives in a substrate to make them visible
  • Medical Device Link .
    algorithms is employed for modelling interface roughness, based on expected and actual reflectance amplitudes of a known material interface. Together with the large spectral range that is utilised (from 250 nm in the ultraviolet to 1100 nm in the near infrared), measurement of critical layers
  • Guide to Glass (.pdf)
    expands much less than most metals and plastics, and may cause breakage upon. cooling. The Thermal Conductivity is the ability to conduct heat through the glass or away from the heat/light source. This is important when considering glass as a view port exposed to high temperatures or for high infrared
  • Medical Device Link .
    tape systems that required wax and heating equipment to bond the tape to the overwrap. Testing equipment Inspection System Catches Errors in Blister Filling Using near-infrared light, an inspection system ensures that the right tablets have been placed into the right blister packages on a form-fill
  • Procedure for Cleaning Optics
    Fiber Optic Dye Dye 532 Er:YAG Erbium Excimer GaAs HeCad HeNe HeNe Alignment Holmium IR Krypton Krypton Alignment KTP KTP Alignment Nd:YAG Near Infrared PDT Ruby Telecom Ti:Sapphire UV Vis. Diode YAG YAG Doubled YAG Harmonics IPL Thulium Tunable Diode Visible Alignment Fiber Laser Diode Alignment

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