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  • Applications for the IMV-4000 Multi-Channel Infrared Microscope
    infrared micro-spectrometers (micro-FTIR) were first used in microscopic characterization. As well as measuring the spectra of microscopic sites, such as impurity analysis in manufactured products, early micro-FTIR was used for much the same purposes as normal FTIR. Recently, however, it has
  • Infrared Thermometers Tutorial
    The Royal Astronomer Sir William Herschel discovered "Dark Heat" radiation in 1800. In 1880 the term "infrared" was coined. Samuel Langley invented the bolometer that measures variations of resistance when heated. In 1901 a bolometer could detect a cow at 400 meters. After World War II, many
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    Power Technology, Inc.'s infrared viewers work by focusing the infrared light reflected by or emitted from a chosen subject onto the image tube. An electron image is generated in accordance with the incident intensity and the S-1 spectral sensitivity of the photocathode material. The IR viewer
  • IFPAC 2006 Under the Microscope
    By Emil W. Ciurczak, Chief Technical Officer, Cadrai Group Aspectrics (Pleasanton, Calif.) introduced a nifty Encoded Photometrics Infrared Spectroscopy (EP-IR) device. This device contains a rotating encoder disc that can measure up to 256 specific channels simultaneously, moving at a rate
  • Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis
    in a printed paper sample that could not be detected with a conventional microscope. Infrared spectrometry utilizes electromagnetic waves to deduce the unseen details of a sample's structure and chemistry. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy utilizes an interferometer that splits the light source
  • Laser Welding Carbon Nanocomposites
    . In the current study, direct diode and Nd:YAG solidstate lasers were used to transmission weld -carbon nanocomposite materials. The experimentation was focused on exploiting the infrared absorbing characteristics of the carbon nanocomposites. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) based polymer was used
  • High Numerical Aperture Silica Core Fibers
    /silica construction. Pure silica core, all silica optical fibers are now available with an NA of 0.30 + 0.02. Variations include fibers with non-solarizing ultraviolet transmission as well as fibers with transmission through the near infrared [IR] region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Additionally
  • Medical Device Link . Laser Micromachining of Medical Devices
    are available at multi-kilowatt power levels, most medical-related micromachining requires less than 150 W of average power. The wavelength of emitted photons with CO lasers is about 10 um, which means that they are infrared photon sources (see Figure 1). The fundamental physics of material interaction

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