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  • Optical Metrology for Large Telescope Optics
    metrology applications. "Meter-class" describes a category of telescopes with optical elements larger than one meter in diameter, typically operating within the infrared through visible spectra. The primary and secondary optics may be monolithic glass structures or may consist of multiple segments that can
  • Phase Conjugate Laser Optics - Preface
    Since the discovery of the laser in the 1960s, a great amount. of research activity has led to an impressive increase of the overall. performances of the sources emitting in the visible or in the infrared. spectral regions. The most significant achievements for solid-state. lasers in the last 10
  • Identification and Suppression of Thermal Reflections in Infrared Thermal Imaging
    Thermal reflections are a common source of problems in interpreting infrared (IR) thermal images. In particular, atomically smooth surfaces like glass, metals, or wet surfaces, and also brick and concrete, may easily give rise to reflections of infrared radiation from often uncared sources
  • Hubble's Infrared Eyes Home in on Suspected Extrasolar Planet
    at the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile detected the planet candidate in April 2004 with infrared observations using adaptive optics to sharpen their view. The VLT astronomers spotted a faint companion object to the brown dwarf star 2MASSWJ 1207334-393254 (aka
  • Challenges in Infrared Imaging: Low Emissivities of Hot Gases, Metals, and Metallic Cavities
    In infrared thermal imaging, the temperatures are computed from the measured IR radiation according to Planck's law, modified by corrections due to the camera (detector response, transmission of optics, and more) as well as to the emitter, i.e., the object under consideration. The major problems
  • Automated Optical Positioning Helps Automate FT-IR Analysis
    The incorporation of software control to infrared spectrometers and in particular infrared micro spectrometers, has provided an important capability for automated analysis. Software control of infrared optics allows methods developed by scientists to be used by less-skilled personnel or, in many
  • The Practice of Detecting Termites with Infrared Thermal Imaging Compared to Conventional Techniques
    Adequate IR camera resolution is a combination of the IR camera detector and optics. The wise thermographer ensures the right system is available for the job at hand. This paper illustrates with real world measurements on actual thermal anomalies found in the field, the magnitude of error one can
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer Analyzer Comparison
    to produce the finest-pitch commercial wire grid polarizers on the market. These deeply sub-wavelength optics offer the benefits of conserved space, an exceptionally wide field acceptance angle, minimal performance variation with wavelength, and none of the dramatic short-wavelength infrared disturbances

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