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NTE3033 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Optoelectronics:Photodiodes:Infrared-Optimized D-PIN PHOTODIODE INFRARED
S1336-18BQ AmericanMicroSemi AMS Optoelectronics:Photodiodes:Infrared-Optimized Optoelectronics:Photodiodes:Infrared-Optimized

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  • Fundamentals of the Infrared Physical Layer
    communication can be established through free space between two dissimilar devices. This document describes the fundamentals of the infrared physical layer, the IrDA standard and selecting the proper discrete emitter and photodiode components for circuit implementation. Fundamentals of the Infrared
  • Silicon Photodiodes Physics and Technology (.pdf)
    Silicon photodiodes are semiconductor devices used for the detection of light in ultra-violet, visible and infrared spectral regions. Because of their small size, low noise, high speed and good spectral response, silicon photodiodes are being used for both civilian and defense regulated
  • Light Sensors
    Light sensors often use an infrared LED as a light source. Infrared LEDs have a greater intensity than LEDs that emit visible light. And when infrared photodiodes are used the sensors are relatively insensitive to ambient light. Photoelectric light sources are often modulated at a given frequency
  • Simplified Lux for Embedded and Micro Controllers
    The TSL2550 is designed for use with broad wavelength light sources and uses two photodiodes for deriving illuminance (i.e. lux). The first photodiode (Channel 0) is sensitive to both visible and infrared light, while the second photodiode (Channel 1) is sensitive primarily to infrared light
  • Trixell to Fabricate Flat-Panel Digital Detectors for OEMs Thermoplastic Specified for Reusable Petri Dish Bayer Introduces Materials Selection on the World Wide Web Indentec Meets European Hardness Calibration Standard
    , which interfaces with the tester via an infrared port. The battery-powered tester is rated for 30 hours of continuous use. For more information on the company's products, contact Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Ltd., Lye Valley Ind. Est., Bromley St., Lye, Stourbridge, W Midlands B74 3EB, UK
  • IR Remote Control Transmitter
    , this application PIC10F206 to implement a two-button infrared remote note will focus on the transmitter only. controller. The PIC10F2XX family of microcontrollers is currently the smallest in the world, and their compact FIGURE 1: MODULATED SIGNAL sizes and low cost make them preferable for small applications
  • Optical Rotary Encoders: The Basics
    to address the basic components of an encoder as shown in diagram I below: 1. Shaft/Hollow Shaft- connects to rotating object and transfers rotary motion to the pulse disc 2. Pulse Disc-disc with alternating clear/opaque segments which are photoelectrically scanned by an infrared light source. 3. Light
  • Switch Tips: Photointerrupter switches
    thermal constraints. Switches based on photointerrupters have no contacts, no lubricant, and only one spring. The switching action takes place by depressing a button that interrupts the optical path between an infrared LED and a photodiode or phototransistor. This provides a momentary "low

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