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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
26579 PLC Radwell Banner Engineering Sensors & Switches, Photoelectric PHOTOELECTRIC SCANNER 2W 200FT RANGE INFRARED
C7015A1076 PLC Radwell Honeywell Flame Safety Products, Flame Safety Accessory FLAME DETECTOR INFRARED FLAME SCANNER
48PT29003 PLC Radwell Electronic Corp Of America Not Provided INFRARED SCANNER,8',90 DEGR.HD
C7015A1076 PLC Radwell Honeywell Ssec Flame Safety Products, Flame Safety Accessory FLAME DETECTOR INFRARED FLAME SCANNER
45RM21000 PLC Radwell Fireye Not Provided INFRARED SELF-CHECK SCANNER
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  • Infrared Thermography Advances Aid Proactive Maintenance
    measurement also is more accurate than with older, traditional infrared scanners. On some models, spot measurement has been reduced to less than 0.4 inches at 30 feet with a standard lens. FPA imagers also are easier to operate. Flir Systems Inc.'s Prism DS utilizes an internal 486 microprocessor
  • Infrared Technological Terms
    in infrared scanners and imagers. These detectors require cryogenic cooling. Infrared or Optical Filter. See Spectral Filter or Neutral Density Filter. Infrared Radiation. (IR) Radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which extends from 0.75 to 1000 ?m. Infrared Thermometer
  • InfraScan: Hand Held Brain Scanner
    Infrascanner is a hand-held, non-invasive near-infrared (NIR) based mobile imaging device to detect brain hematoma at the site of an injury. It will quickly assess the neurological condition of the victim, and help to determine whether further medical assistance is needed, such as a CT scan. IMET
  • IR Thermal Imaging Diagnoses Part Defects
    . Processors are advised to run thermal scans of the ovens and heaters on a periodic basis to detect heater burnouts, malfunctions, and early signs of potential failure. Meanwhile, in custom cut-sheet forming, infrared scanners are also proving effective in reducing set-up times, proving out new tools
  • Alcohol Measurement in Beverages
    Alcohol measurements tend to be either time consuming (gas chromatography) or inaccurate (ebulliometer). Infrared offers a quick and accurate method of analysis. Mid infrared (Mid-IR) offers distinct absorbance bands without the overtones found in the NIR range. Mid-IR also allow for the use
  • Medical Device Link . The Light Stuff: Optical Imaging in Medical Diagnosis Optical science may light the way to radiation-free tissue analysis.
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Somewhere between shadow and light may be answers about whether tissues are diseased or healthy and whether treatment succeeds or fails. These answers, if they come, will be derived through optical biopsies, a fringe technique that uses visible or near-infrared
  • Liquid Material Verification
    be caught before they become expensive errors. Because many materials have characteristic absorbances in the mid infrared range, stored spectra of expected materials can be used for verification of incoming liquid materials. The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer is a light weight, rugged and portable
  • C-Flex Pivots Go Up In Space (.pdf)
    The NASA Wise Mission details. C-Flex bearings are included in the scanner which is a very important aspect of this mission. ./18103883-1217-42fa-accc-4842eaf8dfe9 PrESS KIt/DECEMBEr 2009. Wide-field Infrared Survey. Explorer Launch. Contents. Media Services Information

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