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  • Active Noise Control Products-Image
    Active Noise Control Products - (64 companies)
    ...products is an inverse wave. In other words, the troughs of the unwanted sound match the peaks of the anti-sound. The result it that, when the two sounds meet, the peaks and troughs in the sound and the anti-sound cancel each other out, causing... Learn More
  • Acoustic Horns-Image
    Acoustic Horns - (21 companies)
    ...such as long soot blowers, wall blowers, and water cannons. Acoustic horns are relatively inexpensive to operate, but must be used frequently in order to prevent the buildup of undesirable particles. Most products achieve sound pressures... Learn More
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    Sound Cards - (52 companies)
    Sound Cards Information. Sound cards are computer expansion cards that enable audio inputs and outputs. They connect to the computer via the internal bus or an external connection. Sound cards provide an audio input, an audio output, or both. Some... Learn More
  • Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters-Image
    Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters - (228 companies)
    A-weighted sound exposure level measurement is used for short or one-time sounds as the equivalent 1-second level. Equivalent continuous SPL is the noise level of a continuous steady sound whose time-averaged power equals that of the fluctuating... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Signal Generators-Image
    Signal Generators - (374 companies)
    Signal generators and waveform generators are used to test and align all types of transmitters and receivers, to measure frequency and to generate a signal, waveform or noise source. Signal generators can use AC energy, audio frequency (AF) and radio frequency (RF) to function. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Security Systems - (483 companies)
    Surveillance systems are used to monitor commercial properties and industrial facilities for the presence of trespassers and the behavior of authorized visitors. Learn More
  • Acoustical Design Services - (118 companies)
    Acoustical design services design rooms, buildings, theaters, churches, courthouses and schools, paying special attention to the reflection of sound waves. Acoustical Design Services Information. Acoustical design services design rooms, buildings... Learn More
  • Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials - (430 companies)
    Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials Information. Sound proofing and acoustic materials are used to attenuate, deaden, or control sound and noise levels from machinery and other sources for environmental amelioration and regulatory compliance. Sound... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Measurement Microphones - (58 companies)
    Measurement microphones are most commonly condenser microphones, which convert sound pressure to an output that is then converted into a reading such as sound pressure level (SPL). Measurement microphones are most commonly condenser microphones... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Speakers - (749 companies)
    Speakers produce and transmit sounds carried by electrical or radio signals. This product category is primarily for industrial and OEM speakers rather than those for home use. How to Select Speakers. Image Credit: Digi-Key Corporation. Speakers use... Search by Specification | Learn More
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