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  • Light Curtains Initiate Machine Cycles
    Safety light curtains are presence sensing devices used to signal a stop command when sensing a beam interruption. This article highlights their use to initiate a machine process cycle when the beams have been restored. By Devin Murray, Schmersal USA, 10/5/2012
  • Bulk Bag Filling Rate Guide
    Every filling machine requires an operator to physically rig the bulk bag, initiate the fill sequence, tie-off the filled bag, and to initiate bag removal. Some filling machine models, however, lend themselves more readily than others to automation. The output of filled bulk bags from the selected
  • Sequential Barcode Labels on Bales of Pet Food
    and a unique method for calculating the week was needed. Each label printer applicator was connected via an RS-232 cable to a data terminal. The terminal has a photocell attached that reads the presence of a product to initiate the formatting and printing of the label data. A photocell is also
  • TI-45NB: A Material of Construction for Wet Oxidation Processes (.pdf)
    High-temperature oxidation of wastes in water solutions can improve biodegrability. The corrosive conditions used can initiate combustion of preferred corrosion-resistant materials. This paper describes materials and relatively mild conditions that accomplish adequate oxidation of organic materials
  • Case Study: GE Plastics
    In two facilities in Mt. Vernon Indiana, the SGV systems carries plastic pellets in boxes or bags on pallets from production lines to the shipping dock. Conveyor stand sensors monitored by plant PLC networks communicate with SGV Manager to initiate load movement requests. Full pallets of finished
  • MICRO: 300-mm Imperative
    requirements. The companies will initiate their collaboration at one of UMC's fabs in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The program expands on an existing agreement between Infineon and UMC to develop 180- and 130-nm process technology. Robert Tsao, UMC's chairman,
  • Automatic backup through SSH --- Cliff Changchun Zou
    There are two ways to backup through SSH: one is ; another is Tar or Zip through SSH. I tried to use the Tar through SSH. However, there is a security problem: all scripts I can find online about tar over SSH will always let other computers to initiate SSH connection to the Backup Server
  • Creating a Spiral Motion Path (.pdf)
    There are two methods for producing spiral motion with a Galil controller. The first method, demonstrated in the example program below, utilizes gearing and the CR command. Notice that the X and Y are "dummy" axes in the sense that they're only used to initiate the vector mode. The Z and W axes
  • Fracture Water Remediation
    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracing, is used to initiate production in lowpermeability. reservoirs and re-stimulate production in older producing wells. In. hydraulic fracing, a fluid is injected into a well at pressures so intense that. the structure 'cracks', or fractures. The fluid, mostly water
  • Transit tunnel automated sensor monitoring application
    Two major government transit authorities needed to automate sensor systems in tunnels to monitor multiple parameters in those tunnels. If these parameters go beyond threshold levels, the system will generate alarms that could initiate a shutdown. Due to the high availability requirements

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