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  • Description: extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and transfer molding techniques. This unique material can be used over a wide range of temperatures (-200°C to 260°C). It is available as a 1/8" pellet.

    • Type: Coating
    • Chemistry: Resin Base / Polymer Binder, Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, etc.)
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -328 to 500 F
    • Features: Flame Retardant / UL 94V-0 Rated, Other

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  • Description: . Available in pellet or powder form, ETFE resins can be molded by extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and electrostatic coating. Fluon ETFE resin compounds are also available in a variety of color masterbatch concentrates, custom reinforcements or conductivity levels. Modified ethylene

    • Type: Coating
    • Technology: Thermoplastic
    • Chemistry: Resin Base / Polymer Binder, Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, etc.)
    • Cure / Set Temperature: 340 F

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  • Description: 400ºF while running the inside surface temperature at 1200ºF. The most common applications include plastic injection molding machines extruders and blow molding equipment. The flexibility of the metal housing allows the use of wider and one piece band heaters.

    • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1400 F
    • AC Voltage Required: 240 volts
    • Watt Density: 20 to 45 W/in²
    • Inside Diameter: 2 inch

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  • Description: . For example, we offer lab scale, unit cavity injection molding equipment to convert your material into test samples, plaques, or preforms. For bottle evaluation programs, we blow mold at production rates using our state-of-the-art equipment so that you know how your material will perform. Resin, preform

    • Services Offered: Compounding, Formulation or Synthesis, Inspection & Analytical Testing, Material Processing, Powder Processing, Process Development Services, Process Optimization, Research and Development, Technology & Licensing, Toll Processing Services, Training / Consulting, Specialty / Other
    • Run / Batch Size: Laboratory / Bench
    • Form: Powders, Nanomaterials, Bulk Solids / Granules
    • Chemicals / Chemical Products: Biochemicals / APIs, Catalysts / Initiators, Chemical Agents / Additives, Foods / Beverages, Monomers & Intermediates, Pigments / Dyes, Polymers

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  • Description: Purpose Uses Film RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliant Appearance Black Forms Pellets Processing Method Blow Molding Extrusion Film Extrusion Injection Molding

    • Material Type / Grade: Thermoplastic
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Polyethylene
    • Pellets: Yes
    • Melt Flow Index (MFI): 6 to 30 g / 10 minutes

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  • Description: SINPOLENE MBB1782 is a masterbatch based on a medium jetness carbon black dispersed in polyethylene. It is designed specifically for use in tubular film blowing, blow moulding, extrusion and injection molding of polyolefins. The ingredients used in MBB1782 are approved by most regulations governing

    • Process Type: Film Grade Resin
    • Melt Flow Index (MFI): 1 g / 10 minutes

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  • Description: their products and line efficiencies. We continually maintain and expand our leading edge laboratory capabilities in order to provide superior timing, efficiency, and accuracy to our customers. Injection Molding Our injection molding service is capable of drying and producing molded parts with a number

    • Molding Type: Blow Molding, Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Thermoforming (Vacuum or Pressure)
    • Services Offered: Two-shot Injection Molding, Prototype / Market Entry Molding, Tool / Mold Making, Design Assistance, Just-In-Time Capability, Packaging / Shipping
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only, Europe Only

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  • Supplier: Vexos

    Description: the capability of providing straight molding, insert molding and co-injection molding as required. The equipment in STACI’s factories range in tonnage from 15 tons up to 850 tons. STACI can accommodate customer production requirements while minimizing capital equipments costs and tooling expenses

    • Molding Type: Blow Molding, Film Insert Molding (FIM), Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Thermoset Injection Molding, Thermoforming (Vacuum or Pressure)
    • Services Offered: Insert Molding / Overmolding, Large Part Molding, Two-shot Injection Molding, Prototype / Market Entry Molding, Low Volume Production (Short Runs), High Volume Production (Long Runs), Assembly Services, Tool / Mold Making, Bonding, Design Assistance, Graphics, Hot Stamping Services, Just-In-Time
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only, Europe Only, East Asia / Pacific Only

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  • Description: Over the past 12 years we have built a first class Quick-Turn Injection Molding department supported by experienced, talented personnel and state of the art equipment. We have further developed this service offering by creating the DynaClass hierarchy of tooling capabilities. Advantages

    • Molding Type: Blow Molding, Thermoplastic Injection Molding
    • Services Offered: Clean Room Molding, Insert Molding / Overmolding, Micro Molding, Reel to Reel Molding, Prototype / Market Entry Molding, Low Volume Production (Short Runs), High Volume Production (Long Runs), Assembly Services, Tool / Mold Making, Design Assistance, Graphics, Machining, Packaging / Shipping
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southwest US Only, Midwest US Only

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    . The Tek-PEARLite FlipFlop concentrates are formulated for homopolymer polypropylene (PP), clarified PP, polyethylene, transparent poly-styrene and flexible PVC. They are suited for injection or blow molding and conventional extrusion. Leco Plastics Inc., Hackensack, N.J., extruded decorative belts
    of impact strength, heat resistance, flame retardance, and platability. Most natural ABS resins are translucent to opaque, and they can be pigmented to almost any color. Grades are available for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, foam molding, and thermoforming. Molding and extrusion grades
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    has developed a two-component mold for syringe plungers, thus eliminating assembly operations. Metal-injection molding is touted by another company as a time-saving technique for the high-volume production of intricate metal components. On the equipment and tooling front, a continuous vacuum forming

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