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  • Injection Molding Machine Builders
    Our sensing technology is routinely used on 4 axes of plastic injection molding machines: injector screw positioning, carriage positioning, ejector positioning, and mold closure. Superior ruggedness, reliability and performance means Temposonics sensors provide the best value for this application
  • Injection Molder and Molding Machines
    Injection molder or injection molding machine is a machine for producing plastic molded parts by molding process. It has 2 main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit. An injection molder have 2 methods of fastening the mold -horizontal or vertical. Most injection molder are horizontally
  • Better Injection Molding Through Bubbles
    into the barrel of an injection-molding machine. There, a specially designed screw mixes and maintains the SCF in solution within the molten polymer. A shut-off nozzle holds pressure on the mixed melt to keep the SCF in its intermediate state. When the melt is injected through the gate and into the mold
  • Helical Rack Speeds Part Removal on Injection Molding Robot
    A pick & place robot manufacturer needed an axis drive solution for the Injection Molding industry to reduce their part removal time, thereby increasing the throughput of the injection molding machine. They tried different drive solutions in the past, but they just couldn't handle the high speeds
  • Medical Device Link . Injection Molding With Liquid Silicone Rubbers: Using Process Design To Maximize Results
    , core temperature, cure time, and metering pressure. Each was evaluated in conjunction with mold design, another factor that is critical to successful injection molding with LSRs. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of electric injection molding machines and meter/mix equipment were assessed
  • Package molders embrace electric-injection technology
    All-electric molding machines enhance productivity while slashing energy costs. The Powerline 550 injection-molding machine can run a four-cavity bucket mold in about 12 sec. This close-up of the clamp section shows cores and cavities. All-electric injection-molding technology is taking hold
  • Molding machine also assembles and labels
    To increase throughput and efficiency of injection-molding machines, Milacron Inc., Batavia, Ohio has added cavityregistered assembly to its double turningcube stack system developed with the help of Foboha, Haslach, Germany. To increase throughput and efficiency of injection-molding machines
  • Medical Device Link . Innovative Injection Molding Techniques for the Medical Industry Four molding techniques open up a variety of new approaches to the design of medical components.
    in particular stand out. The first, pulsed cooling and induction coil heating, takes the conventional molding process and adds to it a greater degree of process control. For two others, gas-assisted injection molding and multi live feed molding, auxiliary equipment is incorporated into the standard machine

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