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  • Industrial Printing Equipment-Image
    Industrial Printing Equipment - (703 companies)
    Industrial printing equipment includes screen printers, pad printers and offset printers. These devices are used for applying inks and colors to packaging cartons, web or sheet material and other packaging supplies. Industrial printing equipment...
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  • Commercial Printing Services-Image
    Commercial Printing Services - (3735 companies)
    Commercial printing services provide high volume printing, duplication and publication of magazines, newspapers, catalogs, brochures, graphics, drawings, images and other printed media. Commercial printing services provide high volume web or sheet...
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  • Screen Printing Services-Image
    Screen Printing Services - (826 companies)
    Screen Printing Services Information. Screen printing services providers use forms, stencils and fine screens to place designs or logos onto products. Screen printing transfers an image onto a mesh screen by blocking out the surrounding areas...
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  • Printer Mechanisms-Image
    Printer Mechanisms - (114 companies)
    Printer Mechanisms Information. Printer mechanisms are used in kiosks, lottery machines, ticketing machines, and cash registers. They include thermal, laser and dot matrix printing technology. Printer mechanisms can be customized to handle different...
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  • Label Printers-Image
    Label Printers - (452 companies)
    Label printers are used to print a variety of labels or adhesive stamps. Most label printers are capable of printing bar codes. Image Credit: Acme Scale Systems | New Pig Corporation. Label printers are used to print labels or adhesive stamps. Most...
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    Paper and Paperboard Materials - (636 companies)
    Paper and paperboard materials are available in rolls or sheets and are used for writing, printing, packaging, and many other applications. Categories include commercial paper, industrial paper, and paperboard. Description. Paper and paperboard...
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    Ink Jet Printers - (495 companies) dots per inch (dpi) and refers to the number of dots per square inch the printer is capable of achieving. Generally, more dots per inch mean a higher resolution. The printing width is the width the printer can print characters, not the width...
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    Label Materials - (397 companies)
    ...backing used for the display of printing, lithographing, embossing, hot stamping, stickers, seals, or other written, printed or graphic matter. Examples of labels and printing products include,. Printed tape is a cloth or paper tape designed...
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    3D Printers - (72 companies)
    ...printing in multiple materials is not possible. PolyjetTM --This technique (copyright of Stratasys) uses inkjet heads which deposit a UV-curing resin which is immediately cured so that a new layer can be built on top of it. Powder bed inkjet/binder...
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    Computer Printers and Plotters - (912 companies)
    ...are laser and inkjet printing. Laser printers produce images by passing a laser over a differentially charged drum. The drum selectively collects toner and deposits it onto paper, which is then heated to permanently secure the image. Laser printing is much...
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...onto a turntable. From there operators packed the bags into large corrugate trays and manually fed these trays onto a conveyor to be coded by Marsh Patrion Plus printers. ID Technology installed a FoxJet ProSeries high resolution inkjet printing system featuring four ProSeries 384 printheads...

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  • DiVA - Search result
    VDP on packaging - Elementary velocity study on inkjet - printed papers for corrugated board production2010In: Proceedings of the Technical Association of the Graphics Arts, TAGA, 2010, 198-222Conference paper (Refereed .
  • Color management: printing processes - opportunities and limitations
    The printing processes used include offset litho, narrow and wide-web flexography (paper, liner board, corrugated and film), screen printing (paper board and polycarbonates), and digital imaging with toner, ink and inkjet systems.
  • Fabrication of Gas Electrodes by Wet Powder Spraying of Binder‐Free Particle Suspensions Using a Pulse Injection Process
    As opposed to the screen printing; the wet powder spraying is a non-contact tech- nique like inkjet printing , this technique is more suitable for en- gineering structures … … electrodes, and is applicable to a variety of surfaces, corrugated sheets, and tubes.
  • When consumer behavior dictates life cycle performance beyond the use phase: case study of inkjet cartridge end-of-life management
    … postage-paid return and recycling envelope (which was discontinued in 2008) so that the consumer could send their empty inkjet cartridge to the OEM’s … … instruction sheet, (4) a printed paper board box to … … representative portion of the corrugated case pack- aging was …
  • Author index with titles
    … T 055004 Shih W-P: see Wu G-W 115032 Shikida M, Inagaki N, Sasaki H, Amakawa H, Fukuzawa K and Sato K: The mechanism of selective corrugation removal by KOH anisotropic … … Y: Fabrication of an inkjet - printed seed pattern with silver …
  • Advances in Printing and Packaging Technologies
    The combination of inkjet , toner, and traditional printing offer more opportunities and options to consumer product developers. The hybrid process can be used widely in packaging industry including producing corrugated boxes, wraps, flexible packagings …
    When using inkjet, nip rollers can be used up to the inkjet print station, but after that the transport must rely on contact only with the unprinted side. In addition to this complication, corrugated board warps markedly in response to variations in humidity, and often …
  • Inkjet-printed passive UHF RFID tags: review and performance evaluation
    Additionally, the corrugated separation fibreboard did not yield the same increase in performance as it did with … Inkjet - printed tags are compared to traditional metal tags in several recent publications.
  • Springer Handbook of Automation
    Fruit that pass the internal quality sensor box are packed into a corrugated cardboard box by a … Grade, size, and name of fruit variety are printed on the box sur- face by an inkjet printer and the box is closed and sealed.
  • Fruit grading robot
    Fruits passed the internal quality sensor box are packed into a corrugated cardboard box by another robot … Grade, sue and name of fruit variety are printed on the box surface by an inkjet printer and the box is closed and sealed.

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