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  • Water Heaters-Image
    Water Heaters - (411 companies)
    How to Select Water Heaters. Gas Fired Water Heater | Electric Circulation Heater | Over-the-Side Heater. Image Credit: Armstrong | CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. |Chromalox. Water heaters are used to transform thermal energy from a fuel source... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fluid Heat Transfer Systems-Image
    Fluid Heat Transfer Systems - (119 companies)
    Systems designed for heating and cooling (or just cooling) typically use either air or water for removing heat. Performance Specifications. Important specifications include operating temperature, media flow rate, discharge pressure, heater capacity... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Chillers (industrial)-Image
    Chillers (industrial) - (553 companies)
    Image Credit: Schneider Electric | Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS | Qsonica, LLC. Industrial chillers cool water using refrigeration cycles to provide a constant stream of coolant for manufacturing and laboratory processes... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Heaters - (273 companies)
    Operation. Electric heaters generate heat by passing an electric current through a high-resistance material. They may use a radiant flat panel emitter, a radiant reflective element, a flexible heater element, a tubular element or other type... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Inline Heaters - (36 companies)
    Inline heaters instantly heat fluids that are passed through the device. Upon exiting the heater, the fluids are consumed for their intended use and are not re-circulated. Inline heaters are usually electric and feature a high-output heat source... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors - (678 companies)
    ...a small electrical heater may be energized during the warming period, causing the switch to break prematurely in anticipation of room-heater override. Types of Thermostats and Thermal Switches. There are several basic types of thermostats and thermal... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1545 companies)
    ...pressure and volume blowers, freestanding fans and plenum fans. Duct fans and blowers are designed for in-line duct mounting either via flanges or support braces. Roof and ceiling ventilator fans have mounting brackets or flanges specifically... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    DC Motors - (1182 companies)
    Sterling Instrument. What are DC Motors?. DC motors are electric motors that are powered by direct current (DC), such as from a battery or DC power supply. Their commutation can be brushed or brushless. The speed of a brushed DC motor can be controlled... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Control Valves - (1701 companies)
    ...are pneumatically operated, but other actuators such as electric, hydraulic, and manual are also available. Manual/ hand operated actuators use a hand-wheel or crank to open or close the valve. They are not automatic but offer the user the ability to position... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electric Brakes - (217 companies)
    Electric brakes are assemblies consisting of electrical elements for the slowing or stopping of shafts in equipment drives. Electrical power is required to activate the brake. How to Select Electric Brakes. Spring Applied Brakes. Image Credit... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • CR4 - Thread: Any Thoughts About Installing CNG On a Light Piston Aircraft Engine?
    … it would either send power to the fuel injectors or turn on the electric solenoid for the … The vaporizer unit sits on a bracket right above the engine and gets heated by being in line with the heater coolant circuit. The vapor mixer fits inline in the air duct between the throttle body and the air filter.
  • Bubble columns for condensation at high concentrations of noncondensable gas: Heat‐transfer model and experiments
    The performance parameter of interest is the total heat flux exchanged between the coolant and the air–vapor … Schematic diagram of test apparatus: (1, 11, and 12) valves, (2, 6, and 13) rotameter, (3 and 8) sparger, (4) humidifier column, (5) submerged electric heater , (7) pressure gauge, (9) dehumidifier column, (10) water coil, (14) inline water heater, (15) cooling water …
    Cold water acting as the coolant flows inside the coil and is pumped from the cooling tank … Figure 9-4: Schematic diagram of test apparatus; (1, 11, 12) valves, (2, 6, 13) rotame- ter, (3, 8) sparger, (4) humidifier column, (5) submerged electric heater , (7) pressure gauge, (9) dehumidifier column, (10) water coil, (14) inline water heater, (15) cooling …
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  • Handbook of Diesel Engines
    … materials, 291 Ceramic sheathed-element glow plug, 381–382, 384 – deterioration, 382 – heater resistance, 381 – … … 528–529 – light duty, 528–529 – power requirements, 532 Common rail high pressure inline pump, 153 Common … … Constant pressure turbocharging, 45 Continuous regenerating trap (CRT1), 460–461 Control components, 354, 371 Coolant , 309, 333–336 – … … – EOBD, 187 – garage, 187–189 – OBD (on-board diagnostics), 186–187 Diesel- electric drives, 577 Diesel …
  • Development of Design Criteria for Fluid Induced Structural Vibration in Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers
    In the case of the steam-water flow cases, a copper coolant coil in the reservoir is … A 215 kW inline circulation heater is provided in the flow loop upstream of the test section to heat the water to saturation for the steam-water flow cases and the elevated temperature cases. A 46 kW electric boiler that can generate steam at pressures up to 100 psi generates steam.
  • The Gemini MCAO infrastructure: laser service enclosure and support structure
    To defrost the coil during high humidity conditions, we incorporated a 2.4 kW electric inline water heater upstream of the fan coil unit. A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID) varies a coolant flow control valve to achieve the desired dew point.
  • Simulation of Higher Voltage Vehicles to Optimize Performance
    Electrical Accessory Loads Worst case, rainy day loads including a two speed electric engine cooling fan, all supporting electronic modules, signal lamps, driving lamps, headlamps, fog lamps, instrument panel lamps, instrument cluster, heater blower motor (medium speed), front wiper motor, rear wiper … … 700 rpm, 215A at 1200 rpm, 60A at 6000 rpm, 92% peak efficiency, and inline crankshaft mounted. … turns off the engine when the vehicle speed is zero and the engine coolant has reached normal …
  • Engine Oil Effects on the Friction and Emissions of a Light-Duty, 2.2L Direct - Injection - Diesel Engine Part 1 - Engine Test Results
    EXPERIMENTAL SETUP TEST ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS The tests were conducted in a 4-cylinder inline , direct injected, turbo … … Test Engine Specifications TEST CELL SETUP The engine was attached to a General Electric DC-dynamometer, capable … This system controls the coolant temperature to the inlet of the engine by mixing hot engine coolant … … System A dual stage tube-in-shell heat exchanger and an electric oil heater carried out the …

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