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  • Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines-Image
    Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines - (260 companies)
    Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines Information Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines hold and supply tape for assembly or packaging applications. These machines can be as simple as handheld devices or as complex as highly automated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laboratory Dispensers-Image
    Laboratory Dispensers - (187 companies)
    Most dispensers function with a degree of accuracy between .5 to 1.0% of accepted values. If the dispenser will be used in very sensitive tests, it may be better to tend towards those devices with a higher degree of accuracy. Volumetric increments... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Inline Heaters - (35 companies)
    Inline heaters instantly heat fluids that are passed through the device. Upon exiting the heater, the fluids are consumed for their intended use and are not re-circulated. Inline heaters are usually electric and feature a high-output heat source... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cloth Tapes-Image
    Cloth Tapes - (171 companies)
    ...of cloth tapes --duct tape. How to Select Cloth Tape. Images credits: Tommangan; Public Safety Center; CS Hyde Co. Cloth and fabric tapes provide a higher tensile strength than typical adhesive tapes, and also have a more flexible composition. These tapes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Masking Tapes-Image
    Masking Tapes - (260 companies)
    Masking tape is a pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape used to shield surfaces from a nearby finishing process, such as painting, soldering, blasting, or plating. Masking tapes are rated by their tensile strength and adhesion bond, and come... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Napkin, Tissue, and Towel Dispensers - (18 companies)
    Napkin, tissue, and towel dispensers are used to dispense disposable paper or cloth items for the purpose of washing or drying of items or surfaces. These products can use dispensing methods such as manual pull, a press lever, or bar... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Specialty Tapes - (452 companies)
    Specialty tapes are manufactured to enhance particular abilities of the tape, making them excellent for applications where general-use tapes fall short of the application's constraints. Specialty tapes is an ambiguous term, encapsulating tape types... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Foil Tapes - (168 companies)
    Foil tapes utilize a metal-film carrier to enhance thermal/electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, and EMI/RFI shielding, while retaining the physical properties typical of adhesive tape. Metal carriers also allow an aggressive adhesive... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Strapping and Filament Tapes - (109 companies)
    Strapping and filament tapes are strengthened with many woven filaments yarns embedded in the adhesive on the tape 's backing. How to Select Strapping and Filament Tapes. Strapping or filament tape is a versatile, pressure-sensitive material... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Hand Soap Dispensers - (25 companies)
    Hand soap dispensers are used near wash basins to dispense soap for washing hands. Hand soap dispensers distribute soap for washing hands. They are typically located near wash basins in public restrooms and may be wall- or countertop-mounted. Soap... Learn More
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  • ESSEMTEC to Highlight a Range of Leading-Edge Technologies at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2013 (11/04/2013 11:03:44) feeders can be used for 16, 16-24 and 32-44 mm tape widths, thereby maximizing... The high speed dispenser is equipped with the most modern, accurate systems that drive and steering technology... The Scorpion is available in two versions – standalone or inline .
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    ...for converting digital signals into analogue signals) } { digital_audiotape, DAT, audiotape1,@ (a digital tape recording of sound... ...graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level) } { DIP_switch, dual_ inline _package_switch, toggle_switch,@... ...verb.body:dispense,+ ] clinic,@ (clinic where medicine and medical supplies are dispensed) } { [ dispenser , verb.possession:dispense...
  • APS MPP20: Gold-Place™ Manual SMD Pick-and-Place System, 16" x 24" Boards
    • Optional tape and stick feeders with feeder rack allow for more efficient component handling Model MPP11 adds a digitally timed dispenser with manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and "learn" modes which accurately... Model MPP20 handles boards up to 16" x 24", features an inline design with track hook-up...
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - Index
    ...308 Single-screw extruders, 433–436 Single-wall linerboard, corrugated box materials, 163–164 S- inline transfer, conveyor systems... ...anti-counterfeiting applications, 47 Special-purpose/special-function closures, bottles and jars, 277–278 Specialty tape , 1197–1198 Specialty-treated... Spray coating, metal can coatings, 740–741 Spray dispensers , closure systems, 275–276 Spring-loaded clutch, continuousthread closure capping...
  • Author index with titles
    ...2021 Lattes C: see Abgrall P 113 Lau G K and Du H: Inline -actuated suspension for... ...and Matsuda S: Development of a micro catalytic combustor using high-precision ceramic tape casting S198 Okandan... ...W, Griss P and Stemme G: A compact, low-cost microliter-range liquid dispenser based on expandable...
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  • 5.2.06 -- Oasis Sorbent Selection Tools And Methodology Announced
    Upchurch Scientific® now offers a high-pressure inline filter for semi-prep and preparative applications. The pouches have a ¾-in. medical grade tape for easy, complete closure. Automated weighing and diluting of food samples can be readily implemented with SciLog's low cost LabTecTM dispenser .
  • SMT-TAB: A process planning system for PCB assembly using TAB and SMT
    The adhesive dispenser uses a roller dipped in an adhesive to apply adhesive on the tapes for lamination of copper on the tape. ...TAB packages considered by the SMT-TAB CAPP system are the plastic dual inline packages (PDIPs), PLCCs...
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