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  • 24-channel Waveform Generation and Acquisition for Spin-Echo Experiment (.pdf)
    A complete GaGe Measurement System was constructed for a challenging spin-echo NMR experiment that requires 24 simultaneous high-speed analog input and output channels within a single portable chassis. In addition to using basic instrument functionality, the system exploits advanced timing
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    . The RSSI current output is LFDATA/ linearly proportional to the input signal strength. Device LCZ 96 CCLK/SDIO features are controlled by the programming of its internal V V 87DD DD Configuration registers. The device has programmable internal tuning capacitors for each input channel. The user can program
  • Application Note: Output Inductor Selection for the AAT115X Series Buck Converter
    input. The AAT115X peak current mode control loop senses the current flowing through the high-side P-channel MOSFET and compares it to the output of the voltage loop error amplifier. Sufficient sensed current slope is important for good noise immunity and a wide duty cycle dynamic range. Moreover
  • Self-testing chips take a load off ATE
    embedded on the chip and a deterministic pattern generation technique. A Decompressor sits between the scan channel inputs and the scan chain inputs, while a Compactor massages scan chain outputs into a smaller number of scan channel outputs. The size of the EDT logic is comparable to that of a memory
  • Crossbar Technology (CBT)
    in this technology, such as CBT with an internal Schottky diode (CBTS) that provides negative voltage undershoot protection for both input and output; series damping resistor option (CBTR) that includes an internal resistor to better terminate both inputs and outputs that connect
  • InfiniBand®
    are I/O engines located within a server. Target channel adapters enable remote storage and network connectivity within the InfiniBand interconnect infrastructure. This infrastructure, which is called a fabric, is based on the way that input and output connections are constructed between a host
  • Medical Device Link .
    is based on how well it delivers practical solutions and on how many vendors support it with products. A single-wide PMC module that combines 16 channels of analog input/output (I/O) and 16 channels of digital I/O is designed for use in industrial data-acquisition applications. Mezzanines have
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    channels as a voltage source, the CAP and the LED pin of the channel must be tied to the top voltagesense resistor R1. Channel four is a boost circuit that generates a 15.5-V output at 700 mA from a 9-V supply with 90% efficiency. A point to note is that the CAP and LED pins are the inputs to a voltage
  • Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice
    Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice. Covering the fundamental principles of space-time coding for wireless communications over multiple-input multiple-output channels, this book sets out practical coding methods for achieving the performance improvements predicted by the theory.

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