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  • 24-channel Waveform Generation and Acquisition for Spin-Echo Experiment (.pdf)
    A complete GaGe Measurement System was constructed for a challenging spin-echo NMR experiment that requires 24 simultaneous high-speed analog input and output channels within a single portable chassis. In addition to using basic instrument functionality, the system exploits advanced timing
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    . The RSSI current output is LFDATA/ linearly proportional to the input signal strength. Device LCZ 96 CCLK/SDIO features are controlled by the programming of its internal V V 87DD DD Configuration registers. The device has programmable internal tuning capacitors for each input channel. The user can program
  • Application Note: Output Inductor Selection for the AAT115X Series Buck Converter
    input. The AAT115X peak current mode control loop senses the current flowing through the high-side P-channel MOSFET and compares it to the output of the voltage loop error amplifier. Sufficient sensed current slope is important for good noise immunity and a wide duty cycle dynamic range. Moreover
  • Self-testing chips take a load off ATE
    embedded on the chip and a deterministic pattern generation technique. A Decompressor sits between the scan channel inputs and the scan chain inputs, while a Compactor massages scan chain outputs into a smaller number of scan channel outputs. The size of the EDT logic is comparable to that of a memory
  • Medical Device Link .
    is based on how well it delivers practical solutions and on how many vendors support it with products. A single-wide PMC module that combines 16 channels of analog input/output (I/O) and 16 channels of digital I/O is designed for use in industrial data-acquisition applications. Mezzanines have
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    channels as a voltage source, the CAP and the LED pin of the channel must be tied to the top voltagesense resistor R1. Channel four is a boost circuit that generates a 15.5-V output at 700 mA from a 9-V supply with 90% efficiency. A point to note is that the CAP and LED pins are the inputs to a voltage
  • Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice
    Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice. Covering the fundamental principles of space-time coding for wireless communications over multiple-input multiple-output channels, this book sets out practical coding methods for achieving the performance improvements predicted by the theory.
  • Dedicated Boards
    to fail gracefully in the event that noise garbles signals. However, not all controllers provide such safeguards. Three types of input/output signals must be protected from noise interference: encoder inputs, servodrive output, and any discrete I/O that the digital servocontroller provides. Feedback
  • Society for Information Display New Products March 2002
    to the current set pin (RISET). Other features include an input voltage range of (2.7 to 4.5 V), an oscillation frequency of 600 kHz (typ.), three channels of constant current output at +-5 percent accuracy, and a built-in soft-start circuit rated at 1.5 ms. The S-8813 Series is available now and is priced

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