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  • Principle of Mass Flow Instruments: Calibration with Actual Gas and Conversion Factor Method
    The actual gases used for calibration at our company are N2, O2, H2, He, CO2, and Ar. Concerning other gases, certain conversion factors (CF) are used for correction after calibration with N2 gas. For example, when Ar is fl owed through a mass fl ow instrument that was calibrated with N2 gas, a 1.4
  • NIR Calibration Transfer
    Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma Approaches to instrument standardization (calibration transfer) . Making robust calibrations means pooling data from several instruments of the same type, when calibrating, such that calibration transfer works without standardization. Here, spectral
  • NIR Calibration Transfer
    ) are correcting the entire spectrum, the adjusted spectra can be further used with common full-spectrum calibration methods such as LS, PCR and PLS. A straightforward model, rebuilt from adjusted spectra, allows interpretation of results, providing qualitative diagnostic information (y-Deviation
  • NIR Calibration Transfer
    and calibration transfer for near infrared instruments: a review, J. Near Infrared Spectroscopy 9, pp. 229 244, (2001). NIR Publications, Chisester/UK The Unscrambler Method References, p.31 De Vries, S., Ter Braak, C. in Prediction Error in Partial Least Squares Regression: A Critique
  • Calibration of the Broad Band UV Radiometer
    Mounting concern about the ozone layer depletion and the potential ultraviolet exposure increase accelerate the need for an accurate ultraviolet radiation monitoring. To assure the accuracy of measurement the instrument has to be well characterized and the calibration procedure has to be designed
  • Choosing the Correct CAP Instrument for Automotive Paints and Coatings (.pdf)
    at 10,000 1/sec, ASTM D4287 is the common standard test method in North America, for the lower shear testing at 500 1/sec, ASTM D7395-07 applies. In Europe the comparable standard test methods are ISO 2884 and ISO 3900. When the above guidelines apply, you can easily choose an instrument. However
  • Reference Material Used in the Calibration of Gas Permeability Test
    Since standard material or standard measuring device is essential for calibration, how to calibrate permeability testing instruments had once been a factor impeding the development of permeability testing. Calibration methods have now become very mature. Instrument can be calibrated with reference
  • Reduce Calibration Costs and Improve Sensor Integrity through Redundancy and Statistical Analysis
    configurations, the alarm limit to recognize two sensors are reading different values is set at the root mean square of the stated accuracies of the two instruments. Preliminary research found the statistical method is more sensitive. Drift can be detected in about 1/3 the movement, thus giving
  • EPA Final Rule: 40 CFR Part 51, Appendix M - Test Method 205
    The purpose of this rule is to add a test method which would be used to verify the performance and accuracy of gas dilution systems during a field test. The test method is entitled, "Verification of Gas Dilution Systems for Field Instrument Calibrations," and will be added to 40 CFR part 51
  • Texas Instruments: Novel Separation Technique for the Analysis of Trace Levels of Atmospheric Contaminants in Inert Semiconductor Process Gases
    are separated in a single run via a unique valve switching scheme. A computer-controlled gas blending unit provides multiple levels of dilution of standard gases allowing for the generation of comprehensive calibration curves with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Reproducible detection limits

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