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    Landing Gear - (25 companies)
    Landing gear, or undercarriages, serve as structural support for aircraft when stationed on the ground, and facilitate takeoff, taxiing, and landing. Tires are often used to allow motion, but floats, skis, and skids are also possible depending... Learn More
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    Aircraft - (62 companies)
    ...and modern air travel, aircraft are the go-to solution for the rapid transit of people and freight across vast distances. Aircraft have also become the foremost instrument of military engagement. People largely regard the experience of flight... Learn More
  • Electronic and Instrument Enclosures-Image
    Electronic and Instrument Enclosures - (879 companies)
    How to Select Electronic and Instrument Enclosures. Electronic and instrument enclosures are structures that house electronic components and instruments. They are usually designed for handheld or desktop applications. Example applications include... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Calibration Instruments - (622 companies)
    ...standard of known properties is used to calibrate the instrument. Reference standards include weight and mass standards, chemical standards, calibration gases, hardness test blocks, and time and frequency standards. Calibration instruments... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Instrument Calibration Services-Image
    Instrument Calibration Services - (772 companies)
    Instrument calibration services test equipment and calibrate them to various standards. Instrument Calibration Services. Instrument calibration service providers calibrate various instruments including many types of process monitoring devices... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Instruments - (953 companies)
    ...where further analysis and record keeping can be performed. Gas instruments and air instruments can sense sometimes just one gas or else can sense multiple types of gases with one instrument. Measurement Types. When analyzing gases there are seven... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Weather Instruments - (348 companies)
    ...for short-term forecasting. Due to the variety of instrument quantity and quality, however, amateur reporting is subject to wide variations in measurement accuracy. Types. Weather instruments are classified foremost by the type of atmospheric conditions... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Miniature Bearings and Instrument Bearings - (178 companies)
    Miniature bearings and instrument bearings carry moderate radial and thrust loads at low operating torque while providing high performance in a small envelope design. These types of bearings are single row ball bearings available in up to 1 1/8... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Instrument and Computer Power Connectors - (27 companies)
    Instrument power connectors and computer power connectors are used to connect a computer 's power supply to a hard disk, floppy disk, compact disk (CD), digital video disk (DVD), or other type of disk drive. Instrument power connectors and computer... Learn More
  • Vibration Measurement Instruments and Vibration Analyzers - (343 companies)
    ...acquisition and either a local display or some sort of output to a computer or another instrument. Vibration measurement instruments and vibration analyzers can have many features, including incorporating features such as totalizing, local or remote... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Major airports throughout the world are equipped with Instruments Landing Systems (ILS). These systems allow the airports to operate more safely in the presence of adverse weather conditions. The complete system includes signal monitors which provide alarms to alert engineering staff should any...

Spectron shares in success as Huygens probe makes triumphant landing on Titan!. Microsoft Word - 41EA733E-5815-10B02E.doc MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Spectron shares in success as Huygens probe. makes triumphant landing on Titan!. On Friday, January 14th,. 2005 the Huygens probe. touched down...

IDD during launch, travel and landing and release the. IDD when required on the planetary surface. ./bbdb0dd4-0429-405b-9f7c-0db481293707. P r o v e n P r e c i s i o n D r y L u b r i c a t i o n. Mars Explorer Rover. The Mars Explorer Rover (MER) program’s two rovers - Spirit and Opportunity - were...

...during these â take-off and landing periods.â 1. Unplanned or Planned—Shutdowns Have Impact Beyond Lost Revenue | WIKA s Instrument Guru. NavigationHomeIn The NewsTrendsKnowledgeContact. Home. In The News. Trends. Knowledge. Contact. Home >> Knowledge >> Unplanned or Planned—Shutdowns Have Impact...

...synchronization for timing accuracies into the nanosecond range. Each time a commercial airliner, military jet, or other aircraft touches down on a runway anywhere in the world, its pilot depends on the structural integrity and mechanical stability of the landing gear to get plane and passengers down...

...that threatened to delay progress toward launch. The problem was part of the development of the entry, descent and landing system of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) project, which is designed to take the explorer from a speed of around 17,000 miles per hour to zero for a safe landing. This system... Hamilton Sundstrand), and the Company has leveraged its expertise in material fabrication to manufacture most of the blimps we see floating above sporting events, and even the inflatable 'balloons' that were responsible for the safe landing of both Mars Rovers. A total of 400 humans have been sent...

...officials viewed it as perhaps a 20-year project. Proponents compared the vision of the project to that of America's goal of landing a man on the moon in the 1960s but conducted with international cooperation and over an even greater period. Almost as soon as the HGP was launched, the date for completion... Correlation. Introduction to Flow Induced Noise Simulation. Driving Dynamics Performance Simulation. The Durability Engineering Process. Introduction to Aircraft Landing Gear Shimmy. Fatigue analysis of seam welds. Optimizing automotive mechanisms. Vibration Fatigue. Rotor dynamics for whole jet... stabilized. 2O + 4e-. at normal operational levels), the readings return to. 20.9 %. As the jet begins its descent prior to landing,. Overall, the cell reaction may be represented as: pO2 increases causing a rise in readings. As soon. as the sensor is back at ground level (and the cabin. 2Pb + O2...

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