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  • Description: 5-kV Insulation Resistance Tester Spot tests and diagnostic insulation testers User safety features Analog and Analog/Digital displays Wide range of test voltages Also available on rental...

  • Supplier: KROHNE, Inc.

    Description: in industrial washing machines, filling machines for ink and beverages Tank & silo building Tanks for water, oil, underground tanks, rental tanks for glycol etc. Water & wastewater Level control in water basins, ports, locks Pulp & paper All kinds of storage tanks and recyclying tanks

    • Mounting Options: Top mount
    • Meter Technology: Radar / Microwave
    • Can handle liquids with suspended solids (slurries): Yes
    • Programmable: Yes

  • Supplier: Inspec Inc.

    Description: We are experts in calibrating and repairing electronic precision test and measurement equipment. We provide quick turnaround on all quotes and 5 day turnaround for in-house calibrations. We can also provide emergency 1-2 day turnaround with our priority calibration service. Calibrated equipment

    • Services Offered: Bench Repair (Off-site), Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, Installation / Start-up, OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop, Pick-up and Delivery, Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts, Rapid Turnaround, Remanufacturing / Complete Rebuild, Rental
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data / Chart Recorder, Data / Chart Recorder, Multimeter / Electrical Meters, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Oscilloscopes / Scopes, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Specialty / Other
    • Process / Laboratory: Flow Instruments, Force Instruments, Furnaces / Ovens, Humidity / Moisture Instruments, Pressure / Vacuum Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Vacuum Instruments
    • Inspection / NDT: Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Dimensional Gages / Instruments, Hardness Testers, Materials Testing Equipment, Microscopes / Optical Instruments, Probes / Styli, Video / Imaging Equipment

  • Description: Annual recalibration is important to ensure repeatable and reliable data. At our facility, we calibrate our own antennas, as well as, most other brand antennas in accordance with ARP, ANSI, and IEEE specifications. Calibration data can be provided for 1, 3 and 10 meter distances up to 40 GHz. All

    • Services Offered: Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, Rapid Turnaround, Rental / Lease, Troubleshoot & Repair
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: RF / Microwave Instruments, Specialty / Other
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only

  • Supplier: IST Group

    Description: the preferred portable multi-gas analyzer. The versatility in having multiple pre-calibrated plug-and-play sensors to choose from, and having full password protected programming available in the field makes the V!SA perfect for rental applications, plant turnarounds, fire and hazmat, and any confined

    • Instrument Type: Analyzer
    • Mounting Type: Portable
    • Application: Ambient Air Monitoring
    • Measurement Type: %LEL, %Volume, Trace

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