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  • Understanding Transformer Standards at Home and Abroad (.pdf)
    applies to an end product such as an instrument or a piece of electronic equipment, or occasionally to a component used for a specific application. Transformers are generally not UL listed; doing so would restrict the use of that transformer to a very narrow purpose.
  • Reduce Calibration Costs and Improve Sensor Integrity through Redundancy and Statistical Analysis
    of statistics to detect drift and the need for instrument calibration may have many other applications outside of the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, any two or more devices that need to track performance such as propellers, boilers or transformers can possibly be monitored and imbalances detected
  • High-five to high-side current sensing
    of measuring amperage has used a current-shunt ammeter in series between the load and power source. The shunt, basically a resistor with very low resistance, bypasses the majority of load current around the measuring instrument. Only a proportional fraction of overall load current actually passes
  • Current State of Surge Testing Induction Machines
    transformers to charge large high voltage capacitors. Today's instrumentation uses high-speed digitizers to observe the entire waveform. Instead of a work bench, a 50lb portable enclosure contains the entire instrument which include small high voltage power supplies, power semiconductors for switching