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Parts by Number for Instrument Transformer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
190X8000   FLEX-CORE Instrument Transformers Description: The Model 190X is an auxilliary transformer for use in the secondary of main current transformers to change the ratio for metering applications. The Model 190XSUM is a summing transformer for use when two, three, four, or five current transformers need to be totalized. UL Recognized
10S40F   KPaul Industrial Supply Instrument Transformers Transformer 10K Watt 1 Phase 480V Primary 120/240V Secondary
7087   API Technologies Instrument Transformers 500 kHz Current Sense Transformer
9070TF50D2   KPaul Industrial Supply Instrument Transformers Transformer, Control, Input Voltage 240/480, Voltage Output 24, kVA Rating 0.05, VA Rating 50, Phase 1, Hz 50/60, Temp. Rise 55 Deg. C, Mounting Flange, Height 4 In, Depth 3 In, Width 3.09 In, Standards UL, CSA, CE

Conduct Research Top

    . Transformer Ratio - (TR) - Total ratio of current and voltage transformers. For a 200:5 C.T. and 480:120 P.T., TR = 40 X 4 = 160. Weatherability - Transformers are rated as indoor or outdoor, depending on construction (including hardware). Accuracy Classification - Accuracy of an instrument
  • Predicting and Preventing Transformer Outages in a Steel Mill
    Phase. ultrasound programs. His Solutions. bushings. Neither showed any signs of heat when scanned. Oriented approach matches appli-. with Young’s infrared camera however both projected signs of. cation to instrument and software. tracking when scanned with the ultrasound collector. selection
  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    reference point for your. leakage measurements for some of the tests that are required, it is not an earth ground. reference. Test Instrument Protection. Finally we are recommending that an isolation transformer or an isolated power source be. used as the source of supply for powering up the DUT whenever
  • Understanding Transformer Standards at Home and Abroad (.pdf)
    applies to an end product such as an instrument or a piece of electronic equipment, or occasionally to a component used for a specific application. Transformers are generally not UL listed; doing so would restrict the use of that transformer to a very narrow purpose.
  • Why Making the Move from a Variable Transformer to a VariPLUS is the Right Decision
    . and test operators that wish to addresses all the shortcomings of traditional test methods. This feature-packed, reasonably priced instrument can satisfy the demands of the modern. production line environment, providing enough current to power most household and. office-related products, while giving
  • Application Note for the Layout Packages for Texas Instrument's CC2420 & CC2430 Extended to CC2500 (.pdf)
    maintaining performance. The AD9640 is an “unbuffered” ADC as opposed to “buffered” designs such as the AD9445 which. results in greater challenges in matching the ADC to the balun / transformer. Issues such as “charge. kickback” also present design challenges that need to be addressed by the ADC front
  • Tranformer Oil Purification using Vacuum Dehydration Techniques
    a predetermined time-out period, while another trip point is set at 0.1 Torr to indicate the end of the pump-out cycle. Instrument Selection. Even though the oil degassing and transformer pump-out processes are quite different, the vacuum gauge requirements are very similar. Both applications require
  • What is a Dilution Fitting?
    A typical dilution fitting is a plumbing device that is attached to a gas detection instrument sample inlet port, and then the sample hose is attached to the dilution fitting. When used, the sample flow going into the instrument passes through the dilution fitting. The dilution fitting has 2 small