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  • Tribometer Lifetime Study of Wheel Bearings
    In automotive applications, bearings form an integral part of many subassemblies, e.g., axle, engine, gearbox, etc. and their accurate characteristion needs to take into account the final configuration of the bearing system. In the case of ball and tapered roller bearings, different types
  • New spin on spindle bearings
    in some cases. Another option is angular-contact ball bearings with integral seals or shields such as those from SKF Machine Tool Precision Technology, Bethlehem, Pa. ( ). These shields consist of molded rubber formed onto a steel backing that acts as an added barrier against contaminants. Sealed
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Bearings
    Air bearings for linear applications, segmented bearings that can be installed into hard-to-reach places, and thermoplastic bearings molded with integral pulleys or gear teeth are just a few of the recent developments from bearing manufacturers. Edited by Paul Dvorak, , Kathleen Franzinger Star
  • Screw Gear or Crossed Helical Gear Meshes - Technical Article
    z2. a = ––– (––––– + –––––). (7-2). modified into integers, if the helix angle were chosen properly. 2 cosβ1 cosβ2. In the axial system, the linear displacement of the helical rack, l, for one. turn of the helical gear equals the integral multiple of radial pitch. Again, it is possible to adjust
  • Frameless or Framed Motors ..... Which is right for you?
    . For BLDC (Brushless DC) motors, ARC offers Hall Effect sensors to be an integral part of the stator assembly. All laminations are stacked using precision stacking tools. Stator stacks can be skewed to reduce cogging. Both stack outer and inner diameters are machined to .0002" tolerance. All stator
  • Medical Device Link .
    are planetary gearboxes, integral electronics, and encoders. Koford Engineering, 1948 University Ln., Lisle, IL 60532. Miniature dc motor A 0.118-in.-OD bidirectional brushless dc motor is combined with a 0.134-in.-OD gear train, creating the smallest brushless dc gearmotor available, according
  • Getting the right angle
    , and stator coupling. The electronics are a factor as well, including signal processing. Angle encoders come in several mechanical options with varying degrees of accuracy. There are three basic categories depending on whether or not the encoder has an integral bearing. Angle encoders with integral bearings
  • Diamond Point Turning / Machining Considerations
    Areas such as the time required for alignment and collimation of the optical elements in their final subassembly or assembly is greatly reduced by use of integral precision reference surfaces that defines the optical axis and a face normal to the optical axis that can be built into the unit

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