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  • New spin on spindle bearings
    in some cases. Another option is angular-contact ball bearings with integral seals or shields such as those from SKF Machine Tool Precision Technology, Bethlehem, Pa. ( ). These shields consist of molded rubber formed onto a steel backing that acts as an added barrier against contaminants. Sealed
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Bearings
    Air bearings for linear applications, segmented bearings that can be installed into hard-to-reach places, and thermoplastic bearings molded with integral pulleys or gear teeth are just a few of the recent developments from bearing manufacturers. Edited by Paul Dvorak, , Kathleen Franzinger Star
  • Getting the right angle
    , and stator coupling. The electronics are a factor as well, including signal processing. Angle encoders come in several mechanical options with varying degrees of accuracy. There are three basic categories depending on whether or not the encoder has an integral bearing. Angle encoders with integral bearings
  • Setting the stage for clearer images
    compliance. Integral design also helps reduce the high preload levels common in some high-accuracy leadscrews, and the associated stick-slip action. Stick-slip happens when a control system commands a motor to move a small amount but friction prevents
  • Springs
    . They retain or locate parts in bearings and on shafts. Garter springs are used primarily in oil seals. Beam springs are produced in a variety of shapes and can push or pull. Frequently, beam springs are required for additional functions and sometimes are integral to a larger part. done by helical-torsion
  • Eliminating compliance in servosystems
    and the amount of wind up or torsional stiffness required. An alternative to the traditional coupling method is a direct drive. A direct drive is an integral component that reduces compliance by installing the rotor assembly and feedback device directly on to the lead or ball-screw shaft. In other words
  • Definite and Special-Purpose Motors
    of a gear-reduction unit with an integral or flange-mounted rotor. The main advantage of a gearmotor is that the driving shaft may be coupled directly to the driven shaft. Belts, pulleys, chains, or additional gearing to step down motor speed are not needed. Also, coupling or belting of a motor
  • May the force loop be with you
    controlled force. Controller force is usually applied by an actuator or thruster. There are several choices including hydraulic, pneumatic, rotary screw, or rotary belt thrusters. Tubular linear motors are an attractive alternative. They use a shaft with integral bearings that slides into a stator

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