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  • Application: Reed Relays Carry Out Switching Functions in Performance Boards Used in Integrated Circuits
    Chip makers use new performance boards for every new chip they develop. Since most integrated circuit/chip makers generally have large factories devoted to the testing of their chips.
  • Integrated cooling system lets chips beat the heat
    . In contrast, Georgia Tech's CMOS-compatible technique works at temperatures <260 C and builds microfluidiccooling channels without damaging attached circuits. The scheme works on gigascale integrated (GSI) chips and is fully compatible with conventional flip-chip packaging. Researchers begin by etching
  • Remote Access Security for Integrated Circuit Manufacturers
    Today's semiconductor industry is more dynamic than ever. Integrated Circuit (IC). Manufacturers (ICM) are creating new and more powerful chips. To keep up with that, the. equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are investing a lot of time and money developing new. products and services to meet the ever
  • Easier circuit-board assembly
    Printed-circuit-board assembly begins and ends when PCBs are moved out of and into carriers called magazines. As they travel through the line, the boards may be unloaded and loaded several times before assembly is complete. But building and operating these assembly lines can be expensive. Faster
  • Chip Terminations with Integrated Matching for Improved VSWR
    in various wireless and telecomm applications. This article describes new thick film components designed to aid the circuit designer in efficiently matching the transmission line of a circuit to a chip termination. Primarily these circuits are designed for 50 ?, but other possibilities occur at 75
  • Medical Device Link . Electromagnetic Compatibility in Microcontroller Applications Combining a number of options can reduce electromagnetic interference at the integrated-circuit level.
    of the design, including at the system chassis, printed circuit board, and, increasingly, at the microcontrollers. Controlling EMI at the integratedcircuit level is becoming more critical. Photo courtesy of Mitel Semiconductor (San Diego). The EMC characteristics of the integrated circuits (ICs) used
  • Honey, I shrunk the circuit board
    of the earliest methods was the Chip On Board (COB) technique. At the core of COB is the use of integrated circuits (ICs) in unpackaged form. After being sawed from completed IC wafers, the unpackaged integrated circuits are glued to a circuit-board substrate with the contact pads facing away from the substrate
  • Servo On A Chip
    advances have now made it possible to devise a single integrated circuit that can handle the details of ac servocontrol, including manipulation of feedback from position encoders. These chips provide closed-loop current and velocity control in highperformance servodrives and sensorless systems
  • Hear this: CMOS microphones on a chip
    First comes single-chip microphones in silicon. Next will come a variety of inexpensive sensors made with the same basic integrated circuit technology and in high volumes. Akustica's CMOS microphone chip is just 2.5 mm2. It is going into PCs and may soon find its way into cell phones and video

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