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Intel introduced NOR flash chips in 1988, and Toshiba and Samsung introduced NAND flash in 1989. NOR eventually dominated the market, surpassing the use of EPROM and EEPROM memory. The early flash market grew slowly. But, as the storage and performance demands for flash memory has significantly...

...for OEM systems are done as specialized board. designs, CPU/memory upgrades can be made easier by partitioning the design. by: Ken Finster, Micro/sys, Inc. Intel, Motorola, AMD and others con-. tinue to ship truckloads of low-end 16-. bit CPU devices to OEM companies. EPROM or. CPU. Flash. who use... the microcontroller. whether the operation is going to be on data memory. A/D. 8-bit. 10-bit. (EEPGD = 0) or program memory (EEPGD = 1). Refer to. CCP. 2. 2. Section 7.0 in the PIC16F87X data sheet (DS30292). Program Mem. 4K or 8K EPROM. 4K or 8K FLASH. for more information about using the EEPROM...

...and all of its clone operating systems (referred to hereafter as DOS) are 16-bit run-time. environments. Real mode supports 1MB of memory - TOTAL. All CPU addressable memory -. program and data, EPROM and flash and RAM, BIOS and video RAM and device option ROMs -. must fit in 1MB. To make it tougher...

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