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  • Intelligent I/O processing for DSP+ARM (R) SoCs
    This white paper discusses results of input/. output (I/O) processing on the general-purpose. processor (GPP) for a DSP-centric programming. model using a system-on-chip (SoC) containing. both digital signal processor (DSP) and. ARM (R) cores.
    OPTO 22 and POWER Engineers Co-Develop Ethernet, DNP3-based RTU Alternative Opto 22 and POWER Engineers have co-developed , a low-cost remote telemetry unit (RTU) alternative for use with DNP3-based SCADA systems. The latest in Opto 22's SNAP Ethernet line of intelligent I/O systems and controllers
  • Intelligent Handling of I/O using Galil's RIO Controller
    resolution is 12-bits, with 16-bits available as a factory option. The RIO-47120 has all the features of the RIO-47100 but with this enhanced analog I/O capability. Both RIO models combine analog and digital I/O with intelligent processing in a compact, cost-effective unit.
  • Expanding Allen-Bradley Systems with Intelligent Remote I/O (.pdf)
    This white paper explores a new way to expand Allen-Bradley PLC systems, adding functionality as well as additional I/O, with less strain on the central PLC and little programming.
  • Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)
    Small computer systems interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol that allows many peripheral devices to be connected to the SCSI port. A single SCSI bus can drive up to eight devices or units: the host adapter or controller
  • 8th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium | 3 of 3 | FCT | November 2003 |
    M E E T I N G R E P O R T 8th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium I then caught the end of a presentation by ( who heads up the Ballard transportation programs in Europe. The presentation as it appears in the proceedings describes applications for their new 1kW Nexa Power Module
  • Machine control beyond PLCs
    includes While loops, For loops, Case structures, and Sequence structures as well as specific functions for math, signal generation and analysis; linear and nonlinear control; comparison logic, array, and cluster manipulation; occurrences; analog and digital I/O; and timing. Programmable-logic
  • Integrated motor and drive includes motion controls
    velocities up to 5,000,000 steps/sec. But where the MDrive42AC shines is in its internal motioncontrol system and programming software. The controller has 6,384 bytes of Flash memory with four 32-bit user registers and supports up to 192 user program labels and variables. Generalpurpose I/O functions

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