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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NI-2085   Interface Solutions, Inc. Gaskets and Gasketing NI-2085 has a nitrile butadiene rubber binder for resistance to water, coolant, oil and fuel. It has excellent strength and sealability characteristics, and is intended for applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 190oC (375oF).
SU3-190AZ ASAP Semiconductor R.F.S Not Provided ANT. 3FT 17.7 - 19.7GHz STANDARD INTERFACE (R), Single Polarizat
A1215SHP/07 ASAP Semiconductor PRECISION ANTENNAS Not Provided ANT. 4FT 14.2-15.35GHz, Single Polarized, Standard Interface: UG
SBX2-250AZ ASAP Semiconductor R.F.S Not Provided ANT. 2FT 24.25-26.5GHz, STANDARD INTERFACE, DUAL POLE, UG596A/U
SUX4-190AZ ASAP Semiconductor R.F.S Not Provided ANT. 4FT 17.7-19.7GHz, STANDARD INTERFACE, DUAL POLE, UG596A/U F

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  • Express104 Modules Upgrade PC/104 Installed Base with SUMIT Interface
    for continued stability and new standards organization, the Small. standard (size, mounting holes) to ease. long lifecycle products. Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-. the evolution of the interface standard. SIG), official y formed in late 2007 and. to multiple form factor standards. Climb
  • The RS-232/DALI Bridge Interface
    The Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) has emerged as a standard in Europe to address growing power issues. DALI is known as Annex E of the European electronic ballast standard EN60929 and specifically relates to digitally controlled dimmable ballasts. DALI type ballasts can run
  • Mercury Serial Interface Encoders: Understanding and Using the Binary Serial Interface (.pdf)
    This Tech Note assists users with specifying and interfacing to the Mercury Serial Interface. Binary data processing fundamentals, transmitting serial words, Mercury's data word content, and special features such as "trigger mode" and numerous index modes are reviewed. Examples are included
  • Safety Products with Integrated Bus Interface
    to facilitate compliance with the Machinery. systems. Directive. AS-Interface certification ensures that the bus. subscribers also comply with the standards that apply to the. With EUCHNER switches, the guard locking is controlled using. bus. Certification by the notified certification body ensures
  • Interface: Slip Ring @ Ethernet Communication (.pdf)
    Today, the increasing demand on industrial robots, bottling machines, packaging and blow molding machines requires advanced technical solutions. Especially in the transmission of digital data at high bit rates through a rotating interface. Automation--Download-engl..FH11 SCHLEIFRING
  • Creating a Custom Ethernet Communication Interface to a Galil controller
    For most applications, the standard GalilTools communication libray or API (Application Programming Interface) provides the best method of communicating from either a Windows or Linux computer to a Galil controller. The GalilTools communication library provides calls such as "Command
  • Using the C30 Compiler to Interface Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33F
    AN1100 Using the C30 Compiler to Interface Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33F Figure 1 describes the hardware schematic for the Author: Martin Bowman interface between Microchip's 24XXX series devices Microchip Technology Inc. and the dsPIC33F DSC. The schematic shows the connections necessary between
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    subsystem such as an LCD display or an A/D converter system. The SPI is flexible enough to interface directly with numerous standard peripherals from many manufacturers. SPIs can also be used to expand the number of inputs and outputs of the microcontroller with the minimum number of pins.